10 interesting things about Croatia that you didn't know

Advent in Croatia

There are many well-known facts about Croatia, but these ten interesting facts are definitely worth reading. What are we known for and what makes us special? And this list proves that we are an interesting country full of stories and rich history and traditions. A country that needs to be explored and visited and a country to which many tourists from all over the world gladly return again and again.

Maybe sometimes we ourselves don't value our stories enough and maybe we need to get to know our country better. We take a look at every interesting corner, every region that carries with it its own autochthonous and interesting story. Let's respect ourselves and others will respect us, let's promote our original and original stories because we have plenty of them.

The oldest European calendar

In Croatia, in eastern Slavonia, there is a city that is the oldest continuous settlement in Europe. Vinkovci has been continuously inhabited for over 8300 years, and in this tame Slavonian town it was also found the oldest European calendar Orion. FROM

interestingly, two Roman emperors were born in Vinkovci, to whom the story of beer is connected. Unlike most other Romans, these people from Vinkovac were not so much worshipers of wine but of beer. The most popular craft beer from Vinkovci Valens it is named after the Roman emperor who enjoyed beer in this area in Roman times.

The shortest national costume

On island the Suska women's folk costume is the shortest folk costume in Europe. The beauty of Susak's festive folk costumes is widely known. Young women wear a short skirt of vivid colors, and a matching vest. They wear pink or orange long woolen socks under their skirts. Dolls dressed in such clothes can be bought on the island as a souvenir.

The island, which has only 151 inhabitants, has it the shortest folk costume in Europe. Their colorful folk dress is different from all the others because it is the only one that does not cover the knees.

Chocolate with rice originated in Croatia

The favorite chocolate with rice was invented by the Croats. Namely, the Zvečevo chocolate factory in the small Slavonian town of Požega back in 1963 invented chocolate with rice. We were the first in the world to combine incompatible rice and chocolate and create the Mikado brand. Otherwise, it is especially interesting to note that only this chocolate is made from homemade fresh milk, and not like the rest from powdered milk.

More Croats live outside Croatia

There are Croats everywhere in the world, and it is an interesting fact that more Croats live outside Croatia than in it. Namely, there are approximately 4,2 million Croats in the world, while there are about 4 million in the homeland. The data is probably even more devastating today. But it is also an interesting fact that 90% of the population of Croatia are Croats.

The land of winemakers

Croatia is definitely a country of winemakers if we look at the fact that in Lijepa naša there are 41 winemakers who grow grapes for their wines on 188 hectares of vineyards. It is also interesting that we even have an underwater winery located in Drače on the Pelješac peninsula in southern Dalmatia. Here the wine matures in amphorae at a depth of 20 meters under water.

Croatian wines awarded are both recognized and come from four wine regions which each have their own uniqueness and their own royal varieties. Perhaps this is the reason for the next interesting facts about Croats

High fourth place in terms of alcohol consumption

Croatia ranks 4th in the world in terms of alcohol consumption per capita. Although we are a country with a lot of winemakers, this country actually drinks more beer. Depending on the region, Croats are also masters at making brandy, which is especially popular in Slavonia, namely the brandy obtained from the plum known "Plum brandy", which in history in this part of Croatia was considered a cure for all, and some jokingly claim that it kills all viruses and even the corona.

Seventh highest

We have heard a lot of facts about our country, but did you know exactly what Croats are like? the seventh tallest men on the planet? Maybe this is also attributed to brandy somewhere, but the fact is that our men are among the top ten on the planet in height. They say that Dalmatia is the region where men are supposedly the tallest in Croatia.

The wealth of water

One day wealth will be water, and Croatia is at the very top of the European Union with even 27.330 cubic meters of water per capita. Water is our greatest wealth, so it is not surprising that 10% of Croatia is actually protected through 11 nature parks, 8 national parks and 2 nature reserves. Our natural beauties are widely known, and our national parks and nature parks are known to tourists all over the world.

We were the first in the world to introduce quarantine

In accordance with today's weather and the new normal, it is interesting to note that quarantine was introduced in our country for the first time in the world. Namely, a long time ago 1377. The our pearl of the South Dubrovnik was the first place in the world to introduce quarantine in times of plague. Then the Grand Council of the Republic of Dubrovnik passed a decision that neither domestic nor foreign people coming from the surrounding infectious areas should be admitted to the city or to Dubrovnik land until they spend a month cleaning on the islands of Mrkan, Bobari and Supetar near Cavtat. By the way, the word quarantine itself comes from the Italian Quaranto, which means the number 40. In this case, it referred to the number of days of isolation.

What is especially interesting about the period of the 16th and 17th centuries in Dubrovnik is how they are there were anti-epidemic measures on ships for the purpose of protecting the population from infectious diseases. This provision was made by the Dubrovnik government.

Istria has the best olive oil

Apart from wine, we are widely known for our excellent olive oil. Our largest peninsula leads here Research which has been named the world's best olive oil region for six years in a row.

In 2021, Istria will be adorned again the title of the world’s highest quality region for extra virgin olive oils, and this is especially important given that the publication contains oils from around the world. Namely, Istrian olive growers found themselves in the company of the 500 best from 54 olive-growing countries with a total share of as much as 14%.

The article was originally published on December 03.12.2020, XNUMX. years
Source: Croatia week
Cover photo: Jure Orlić from Pixabay 


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