7 stunning hidden beaches that guarantee complete peace

In Croatia you will find some of the bays and beaches that are famous for the most beautiful in the whole world thanks to the crystal clear, turquoise sea and the untouched nature that takes your breath away. Due to the indentation of our coast, there are a large number of bays which hide fascinating beaches, and if you want to relax and swim away from the view and the crowds, you will find them there. Many of them are of great interest to boaters and although they are a little harder to reach, when you see the beauties that hide and feel the peace of a secluded beach that you have for yourself - the effort is well worth it, and getting there will give you a kind of adventure.

1. Pasjača Beach

Pasjača beach is located in a small village Popovići in Konavle. It is a bit inaccessible and hidden from view - you can only reach it by going down long and very steep stairs cut into a rock that is at 250 meters above sea level. So, getting to the beach is real a kind of adventure, and when you arrive and feel the beauty it offers, you will not regret the steep descent and demanding ascent back.

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Pasjača Beach was declared in 2019 the most beautiful beach in Europe at the choice of the portal European Best Deastinations, and is often called one of the most romantic beaches. There is almost never a crowd there, and you are unlikely to catch a signal - therefore, this is an ideal place to worries go on off, and peace on on.

PS Since you will be there hard to find shade, don't forget to bring sunscreen and a head covering, and make sure you have food and water.

2. Hidden “Croatian Maldives”

Palagruža is our most remote shady island located exactly halfway between Croatia and Italy. It's there lighthouse and meteorological station, and since only the lighthouse keeper lives there, peace that no one will disturb is guaranteed. On Palagruža you will be left breathless by the view of the clear blue sea and two pebble beaches; Stara Vlaka and Veli Žal, and the untouched beach Veli Žal is often called i "Croatian Maldives".

The beach is pebbly with sandy parts in places, the entrance to the sea is mild and shallow which is why it is also suitable for holidays with the youngest, but it is also an ideal choice for romantics who want solitude away from the crowds.

3. Beach Sv. Ivan, Lubenice

The beauties of this beach will reward anyone who is brave enough and dares to reach it. Sv. Ivan is located in a bay below the town of Lubenice, which is located on a steep cliff. This pebble hidden beach German magazine Bild ranked 15th since 40 most beautiful beaches in the world.

You can reach the beach on foot along a steep path for which you will need about a half hour walk or by boat, independently or organized. Untouched nature, clear sea, view of the island of Cres and the impeccable silence that reigns there - these are just some of the reasons why it is worth visiting this beach no matter how demanding it is to get there.

4. Punta Velebit beach 

In the western part Vrsi-Mula the beach is located in an uninhabited pine forest three kilometers long and one and a half kilometers wide. The whole area is ideal for looking for solitude. If you really want to relax and get away from the crowds of urban beaches, Punta Velebit with pine forest, is your closest and perfect refuge.

5. Kukinica Beach

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Not far from Duboka Draga is the beach Kukinica, a place of stunning beauty ideal for an escape from reality. Clean sea, guaranteed privacy, impeccable view of Velebit and perfect peace mostboldescribe this secluded haven in a divine natural oasis.

6. Complete peace and separation from the hustle and bustle of Dubrovnik

Betina Cave is a pebble beach in Dubrovnik which is located in caves between Villa Šeherezada and Gjivovići beach. It is surrounded by rocks and greenery, and was named after the nickname Beta, as they called the great Dubrovnik scientist Marin Getaldić, who performed various things in the cave optical experiments and research.

How to get to the beach?

It is possible to reach Betina's cave exclusively by sea, by boat or other vessel. The bravest to this beach can and to swim, and the closest is to swim from the beach Gjivovići, and there is the possibility of canoeing to the cave accompanied by a guide.

This beach guarantees you impeccable peace and there are almost never many swimmers there, a you are also guaranteed shade in the morning given that the cave faces south-east.

7. Srčanka beach on Pag

The island of Pag is full of undiscovered pearls, and apart from what you can experience there an exotic experience "Escape to Mars", you will also find many hidden coves that guarantee peace and romance.

One such beach is Srčanka beach, away by road 3 kilometers from the camp Simuni. It is wild and hidden from view, and is adorned with the Blue Flag as proof of the quality and purity of the sea.

From the camp Šimuni to the beach Srčanka is only about a kilometer walk, which is actually an easier option because the winding road bypasses the village. The heart is a little wild, hidden from view, and guarantees you peace and connection with nature.

Cover photo: Ivo Pervan / Source of the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Vrsi

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