Aromatherapy treatments are a hit against stress and fatigue

Although some would say that the use of essential oils is a new trend, these drops of health and superior relaxation have been used for thousands of years. Essential oils are basically highly concentrated compounds, distilled or extracted, that contain the unique properties of the plant. Each essential oil has its own properties, and therefore its own unique range of emotions it can evoke.

Top pleasure

There are many ways to practice aromatherapy with essential oil - a very popular and effective is the use of diffusers; candles and sprays with essential oils are the most practical way to apply, but only rituals of enjoyment through cosmetic treatments and massages with essential oils will provide ultimate pleasure.

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For years, Terme Tuhelj has been using the power of aromatherapy to provide guests with added value and rest, but also stress relief, improved sleep, alleviation of health problems and much-needed peace. When you discover which scent suits you best, there is no reason not to enjoy it in a home atmosphere.

Lavender, rosemary and citrus - the perfect anti-stress mix

Incorporating scents that evoke positive, calming, or uplifting emotions can be a natural, but also an effective way to calm the body and mind. If you are stressed and tired of commitments, aromatherapists will suggest the power of lavender, rosemary and citrus.

It is this mix that is part of one of the most popular massages in Terme Tuhelj - Vitae massages - which combines Japanese shiatsu and Chinese tui-no. During the massage, special attention is paid to acupressure points because it improves the general psychophysical condition of the body, and especially reduces tension in the shoulders and spine.

Peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary will make breathing easier

There are no essential oils that can prevent the appearance of some diseases, but they are an excellent complementary treatment. For example, for people suffering from allergies, the essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary will make breathing easier. Headaches and migraines, on the other hand, "don't like" the essential oils of peppermint, chamomile and ginger, and if you have problems with your spine, we recommend the Drop by drop treatment. Terme Tuhelj.

During 80 minutes of pure pleasure, essential oils stimulate detoxification and purify the respiratory organs, while gentle and professional movements of the therapist relax the contracted muscles around the spine. With deep relaxation and reduction of muscle pain, your posture will improve and you will feel lighter and more vital.

Establish a balance of thoughts and emotions

Modern man thinks a lot, and in light of the circumstances in which we live, it often happens that our thoughts have a negative sign. You have noticed that when you feel bad you need air. Or, better yet, a stream of air, a wind that will clear your head and emotions.

In Terme Tuhelj they created an aroma program of air vortex with different aromatic oils. This is one of the most attractive treatments in the world of saunas. Even a short stay in a whirlpool sauna will help you look at life with different eyes, establish a balance of thoughts and emotions.

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