Bakar: Margaret's summer lasts 40 days with a mountain of good emotions

During the forty-day duration of the most famous copper event, Margaret's Summer, all visitors can expect entertainment, culture, mystical walks and, ultimately, a mountain of good emotions. For hardened lovers of Bakar, but also those who will this year Margaret's summer to visit for the first time, here is a brief overview of this year's events.

Notes of summer evenings

We will agree that the warm evenings we cool down with iced drinks, swaying to the rhythm of good music, are among the best summer memories. This season, Bakar has made sure that there is no shortage of musical variety on its squares and streets, mostly free of charge. This summer, a good time starts with notes klapa Hreljin and Škrljevo (01.07.), and continues evergreens Danijele Martinović (15.07.), Giuliana (28.07.) I Željko Bebek (04.08.). The aforementioned three pop concerts will be held at the playground "Hroljevo" in Krasica due to construction works on the sewage system in Bakro. They will entertain us at the copper festival of brodet Trio Rio and Josefina (09.07/13.07), and on Margaretina itself (XNUMX/XNUMX) they perform Vivien Galetta and Voljen Grbac.

Admission is free for Margaret

For lovers serious music, Bakar tried his best to leave the concerts enthusiastic, not at all serious. This will be ensured by the virtuosity of the Zagreb soloists (July 24.07), the women's choir Sklad (July 27.07) and classical tones performed by Laura Vadjon and Pavle Mašić (August 10.08) and the Acoustic Project Quartet (August 13.08). The mentioned classical concerts will be part of diverse cultural events in Bakro this summer.

A number of performances, dance evenings and other cultural events for young and old have been announced. This especially applies to all those who bear the beautiful name Margareta - this year the guarantor of free access to the theater plays "Otočka terca" (06.07/11.07), "Ljubav je na Vrel" (21.07/07) and "Disco baba" (08.07/XNUMX). In addition to performances, there are also exhibitions and film summer evenings (July XNUMX and XNUMX).

This year's children's day did not fall into the background either, so on the 4th of July, all the little ones and their companions are waiting for a lot of fun and laughter in the center of Bakar.

Ready to explore? 

Margaret's summer wouldn't be the right one if it didn't treat you to unique tours of the city and its surroundings. It is no coincidence that the festival is opening right now with the gamified tour "Playful Copper" which is of a competitive nature. Bakarski kraj will be revealed to you through several more educational and entertaining walks in the company of top interpreters, Boret Štrbac and Ivo Silla. So on July 20 you have the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of the Frankopans, while on August 3 you go into prehistoric times. Between Frankopan and prehistory, on July 27th, you can also climb Tuhobić.

Find the entire program of the event here.

Source and photo: TZ Bakar


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