Golden Slavonia - a paradise for hikers and hikers

Advent in Croatia

Rich tradition and excellent food is usually the first thing that comes to mind when Slavonia is mentioned. But the east of Croatia offers much more than that. Golden Slavonia and it is not so flat, and many lovers of outdoor activities, hiking and mountaineering, which year after year reveal all the advantages of this part of Croatia. Krndija, Psunj, Papuk, Požeška gora and Dilj gora are a challenge even for the most experienced.

It is interesting to note that, out of about 150 hiking trails in Croatia, with more than 300 kilometers, it is the longest and oldest Slavonian hiking trail. And it is by no means simple! Since 1957, when it was opened, only a dozen hikers have passed it at once. It took them even nine days for that undertaking.

In the new millennium, it changed its name to Pohod Slavonski mountains, it is circular in shape, connecting the mountain lodges Omanovac above Pakrac and Petrov vrh above Daruvar. Out of a total of 35 checkpoints, you will need stamps from 31 points for the hiking badge, and for this you will need five two-day trips. Or do you still want to try at once?

Slipper primroses

But the beautiful nature and the rich tourist offer are a real magnet for those less experienced who like casual walking and discovering the destination. One of the most famous, if not the most famous, outdoor event in the Požega-Slavonia County is certainly Papučki jaglaci. Every year on Sunday, around the first day of spring, hikers and hikers from all parts of Croatia and abroad gladly visit Velika.

In its beginning in 1982 and throughout the 8s, the mass mountaineering event "Papučki Jaglaci" was held on the occasion of Women's Day and is closer to March XNUMXth. It was a campaign in the fashion of large early spring mountain climbs dedicated to the fairer sex and held throughout the former state.

Conceived and organized by the valuable members of the HPD Sokolovac, it is certainly worth mentioning the "father" of the Papuk jacobs, Požega journalist, publicist and founder and editor of the "Papuk Library" - Ivan Jakovina. Later, "Primroses" were moved to the second part of March and became dedicated to the first day of spring. As the number of interested outdoor enthusiasts grew, so did the event. Namely, for 41 years, Papučki primroses have been attracting an increasing number of mountaineers and hikers from Croatia and abroad. Every year, several trails are visited by more than 3.000 people.

The primroses in Velika represent the largest annual gathering of mountaineers in Slavonia and one of the largest in Croatia. It is a great promotion of Papuk, the Velika and Požega regions, but also the entire Požega-Slavonia County. Thanks to the efforts of mountaineers, members of the HPD "Sokolovac" Požega, and co-organizers, the organization of Papučki Jaglac has been raised to a high level, so many visitors spread the word about the natural and cultural sights of this region.

The primroses in Papuk last two days this year

This year, the events will be held on two days, March 18 and 19, which is certainly a novelty compared to previous years. In addition to a wide selection of hiking trails on Papuk, all participants can expect a rich gastronomic offer and an entertainment program on both days of the Papučki Jaglac festival.

The primroses in Papuk remain a mountaineering ceremony marked by the awakening of nature, and the very name of the mountaineering event is marked by the yellow primrose, a flower that characterizes early spring. In any case, you will enjoy the clean air and beautiful nature in Zlatna Slavonia. Believe me, there is no better and healthier experience of a destination than the one you experience on foot.

Source of cover photo: Tourist Board of Požega-Slavonia County


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