Beautifully decorated Srijem: Enjoy a unique experience of culture and tradition

The exciting and colorful event "Srije is beautifully decorated" invites all lovers of culture, tradition and gastronomy to an unforgettable weekend full of fun and delight. The goal of this unique event, which will be held from June 10 to 18, to celebrate the richness and charm of Srijem and to promote its heritage in a unique and attractive way.

Organized by the Municipality of Nijemci and the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Nijemci, an event has been held for many years that exudes the unity of Croats from Srijemci on both sides of the border. The event nurtures the traditional culture, folklore heritage and identity of western Srijem and offers its visitors a series of sports, entertainment and cultural attractions, activities and workshops. Get to know the skills that our ancestors passed down from generation to generation and feel the magic of the past that still lives on today.

The event "Srijem is beautifully decorated" brings together numerous participants and residents of Srijem to show their love for this beautiful area. Visitors will have the opportunity to dive into the world of the written word and creativity inspired by Srijem's landscapes and rich history in the countryside of the folk writers of Slavonia, Baranja and Srijem. Witness intellectual challenges and ingenuity at an international chess tournament or feel the excitement in the air as you measure precision and speed during a trap competition. Surrounded by the beautiful landscape of Srijem, you will experience the true harmony of art, strategy and nature.

Let yourself be overwhelmed by colorful folk costumes, traditional songs and dances - cheerful and cheerful guys when girls they play in the round. Music is the core of Srijem's culture, so visitors will be able to indulge in the sounds of traditional tambura orchestras and enjoy the authentic sound of Srijem. The performances of folklore groups and dance ensembles will delight visitors with their energy and choreography that depict the traditional dances of this area.

Gastronomy lovers in Srijem will be able to taste real delicacies. You will be able to indulge in authentic specialties prepared by members of local hunting societies. A sumptuous table awaits you with shepherd's pie and many other delicious delicacies that will delight you with their taste and smell.

The event "Srijem is Beautifully Decorated" offers a diverse program intended for all generations. Children will have the opportunity to take part in fun workshops, a theater performance and games by the river that will bring them closer to Sri Lankan culture in a fun way. Adults will have fun with concerts by famous performers - Cecilija, Marija Pavković Snaša, Đenka, Marta Nikolin and Miroslav Škora. Fun and laughter are guaranteed!

Take advantage of the opportunity to get to know the enchanting nature. There Bosut passionately kisses Spačva, and birds playfully spread their wings above the rich oak forest. Enjoy a free panoramic ride on the Sveta Katarina boat and discover the hidden corners of this beautiful region.

This is a unique opportunity where you can experience the hospitality of Srijem and enjoy everything that this beautiful region has to offer. We believe that the announcement of summer could not start better, so join us on the third weekend in June in the central park in Nijemci and experience the magic of Srijem culture and tradition with us.

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