Kopački rit Nature Park is a real ornithological paradise

It is a well known fact that nature parks are not just a place where we can enjoy the natural beauty. Nature parks are protected natural areas where special care is taken of diversity, conservation and unique beauty. And while we enjoy the beautiful views, unique flora and fauna of a particular area, the employees of Croatian parks take care that future generations enjoy such scenes.

In order to succeed in this, they carry out various interventions and scientific research that contribute to a better understanding of the diversity and preservation of a habitat. The nature park therefore has not only a tourist or recreational purpose, but also a scientific, cultural and educational one.

It is located in the extreme northeastern part of Croatia Kopački rit Nature Park. It is a floodplain created by the action of two large rivers, the Danube and the Drava. Due to its exceptional natural value, Kopački rit was included in the List of Ramsar Areas in 1993.

Apart from Ramsarska, Kopački rit is also on the list of IBAs (Important Bird Areas) programs. This program was developed by BirdLife International. It is a global association for the protection of birds, their habitats and global biodiversity, which guides people in the direction of sustainable use of natural resources. In this way, a global network of areas important as bird habitats and other biodiversity is identified, monitored and protected.

Investigation of bird mortality in PP Kopački rit

During December last year, the staff of the Professional Service of the Public Institution Nature Park Kopački rit started researching bird mortality on transmission lines as part of LIFE Danube Free Sky project. Bird mortality research is part of the zero state research. His goal in the next year is to determine the situation before the implementation of protective measures to be implemented by project partners HEP ODS and HOPS.

During the inspection of the terrain, the workers had to face many obstacles: unfavorable weather conditions, mud, water canals, residual vegetation in the fields… Numerous remains of feathers near the transmission line indicate their fatality for birds, but also the great impact of carnivores. If injured or injured birds are encountered during the tour of the terrain, they will be taken care of in their convalescent home in cooperation with the Osijek Zoo.

And it is this kind of research, which leads to guidelines for further action, that is the best way to preserve natural habitats that we can enjoy for most of the year. Therefore, it is not surprising that Kopački rit is a real ornithological paradise where about 270 species of birds live during the year. Among them are especially valuable and interesting species of bald eagle, black stork, white heron, tern, cuckoo, various species of wild ducks, wild geese, white swan.

Kopački rit Nature Park you can go around in several ways. You can get to know the park by tourist train, boat, boat, bicycle and on foot.

Cover photo: Vjeran Vidaković / Osijek-Baranja County Tourist Board


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