Kostrena passport - enjoy good food on the Catering December

The end of the calendar year is traditionally marked by numerous Advent events around the world, and so is Kvarner, where Advent will be celebrated in many ways. One of the certainly different approaches, and in accordance with the times in which we live, will mark Kostrena, where the Municipality of Kostrena and the Tourist Board of Kostrena are preparing “Catering December 2021” - an event that includes ten Kostrena caterers who got involved in this interesting story.

And it starts today when, in the catering facilities participating in the event, each visitor will be able to download a unique "document" Kostrena passport which enables everyone who owns it to receive a passport stamp for their consumption in December, during a visit to a catering facility, and after collecting all ten stamps, to take over their prize - a special Kostrena souvenir by Zigman, a souvenir made by the world-famous Kostrena designer.

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The manifestation lasts from 1 to 31 December and it is to be believed that it will also be a reason to visit Kostrena, a place that everyone who wants pleasant walks, good catering offers and enjoying numerous facilities likes to visit.

In addition to their regular offer, Kostrena's caterers did their best and prepared one offer for you at a promotional price so you will be able to taste:

RESTAURANT PIZZERIA ANIĆ - cabbage and sausages
ME GUSTA BEACH FOOD & BAR - Snow White Cocktail
QUORUM GARDEN KOSTRENA - Ruby hot chocolate
TAVERNA VIDIKOVAC - apple strudel
CAFFE BAR UNDER THE PLATE - cooked teranino
CAFFE BAR INBOX - mulled wine
CAFFE BAR LIBAR - Libar mulled wine
CAFFE BAR VAL - Pink gin (Aura Karbun)
TAVERN SEA - fritters

For any consumption in the listed facilities, the visitor will receive a stamp. In the tenth facility he visits, even after consumption, the "Kostrena passport" will be able to be exchanged for a prize.

"Catering December 2021" will thus be one of the contents that will Kostrena offer during Advent, we believe in the satisfaction of many visitors.

Cover photo: Kostrena Tourist Board

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