Korčula's Lumblija or cake is not to be forgotten, the 38th product with a protected name in the European Union

"Lumblija" received a European protected designation of geographical origin, the European Commission announced in the Official Journal of the European Union on November 22, 2022. Hence this product name registered in the register of protected marks of origin and protected marks of geographical origin and protected throughout the European Union. The EU mark of the protected mark of origin or the protected mark of geographical origin on the packaging guarantees the consumer the purchase of an authentic product.

They started the process of protecting the name "Lumblija". Knight's association of Kumpanji Blato i Association of Olive Growers Vela Luka who submitted a joint request to the Ministry of Agriculture for the protection of the designation of geographical origin called "Lumblija".

How to start the story of Lumblia, the traditional cake of the island of Korčula?

We could start this story with the fact that lumblija is a puff pastry cake that owes its distinctive taste to the special attention and love needed to complete the long process of making and baking, but also to the special ingredients that are prepared and collected in summer. contains almonds, walnuts, raisins, oranges, lemons, many spices that are added in carefully defined proportions and the essential ingredient of lumblia, varenik, or must syrup that is gently boiled for several hours until it boils to reduce to a dark, sweet syrup.

The fullness of the rich Mediterranean aroma in lumblia will surely taste best when you taste it on the island of Korcula. Once you try that flavor, you will surely never forget it… Why? Because this aroma of taste and smell is permeated by a breath of memory, but more importantly, a trace of our roots and a strong connection with our ancestors and people we do not want to forget, who are especially dear to us, who are far from us or unfortunately no longer with us.

/// The traditional Korčula cake, the unforgettable lumblija, is a memory of one love

Lumblija, as a traditional island delicacy, refers to the story of the traditional island way of life, the environment and the way of life, and with all the history and tradition it carries, it is also connected to one legend - a love story that is very attractive to our visitors. The legend of lumblia is often the first encounter with this dessert, especially for foreign visitors and tourists on the island of Korčula, and the symbolism of lumblia as an unforgettable cake and a memory cake is still present today.

The story that still accompanies the ritual of preparing lumblija today tells of the love of two young men, a French baker soldier and a young girl, who had to part due to a combination of circumstances. The soldier left, French rule ceased, and the young girl and her name drowned in countless love stories, but the Lumbli cake remained as a memorial to those days. To the girl, the words n'oublie pas sounded like "lumblija," but the message was clear and the language barrier was overcome.

The tradition of making "Lumblija" is not only preserved even today in the island's households, but in order to popularize this product, competitions in baking "Lumblija" are organized, mostly on the western part of the island of Korčula, as well as tastings and introductions to the traditional gastronomic offer of this island. areas.

You can view the Lumbli product specification here, and look for the recipe for Lumblija from Korčula here.

The Republic of Croatia now has 38 agricultural and food products whose name is registered in the European Union as a protected designation of origin or a protected designation of geographical origin. In addition to the now registered name "Lumblija", the names of the products are also registered: Krk prosciutto, Cres extra virgin olive oil, Neretva mandarin, Ogulin sauerkraut / Ogulin sauerkraut, Baranj kulen, Lika potatoes, Istrian prosciutto / Istrian prosciutto, Drniški prosciutto, Dalmatian prosciutto, Polish soparnik / Polish greens / Polish olive oil, Zagorski turkey, Krk olive oil, Korčula olive oil, Pag lamb, Šolta olive oil, Varaždin greens, Slavonski kulen / Slavonski kulin, Međimurje meat 'from tiblica, Slavonski honey, Lika lamb, Istria, Pag salt, Zagorski mlinci, Pag cheese, Bjelovar kvargl, Brač varenik, Varaždin klipič, Maloston oyster, Rudarska greblica, Dalmatian pečenica, Dalmatian pancetta, Lič skripavac, Brač olive oil, Zagorje acacia honey, Zagorski štrukli / Zagorski štruklji, Meat of Istrian beef – boškarina / Meat of Istrian beef – boškarina i Samoborska chešnivka / Samoborska chešnofka.

Photos: TZ Blato


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