Maribor - a defiant city of culture

Serbus! Maribor is a city the oldest vines in the world. It is located on the Drava River in the embrace of the natural beauties of Pohorje and picturesque hills in the heart of Central Europe. Wine and culinary enthusiasts are impressed by the extraordinary offer of wine culture while we offer nature lovers, athletes and recreationists unforgettable experiences on the surrounding hills. Urban adventurers have yet to discover and take a peek at modern city facilities below the photogenic surface standard tourist facilities of a defiant city with rich historical and cultural roots. Breathe clean air with full lungs and head out with our city storytellers an easy walk through local stories with a wide range of current urban experiences! Get to know Maribor through a perspective you didn't know existed, with a rich year-round backdrop of diverse events, manifestations and festivals.


In less than a millennium, Maribor has experienced its great ups and downs. It was first mentioned as the city of Marpurg in 1254, until the 19th century with the German name Marburg an der Drau. He used the first record of the name Maribor poet Stanko Vraz in a letter to Ljudevit Gaj 1836. It was not until 1861, when the politician and poet Lovro Toman, the author of the first Slovene uncensored press, published the patriotic song Mar i bor, that the name was accepted among Slovenes. The city's slogan became - "I don't care about the place" - I care and I'm fighting for the city.

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At the end of the 19th century, Maribor became the political, economic and cultural center of the Slovenes in Styria. After the end of World War II and despite the ruins - because of the Allied bombing he was one of the most ruined cities in Yugoslavia - there is an industrial boom in the city. Unfortunately, it was stopped after the crisis of the 90s in independent Slovenia. Former large companies such as TAM, MTT, PIK, Hidromontaža, Elektrokovina, Konstruktor, Svila and Metalna have partially ceased operations and have been partially transformed. Thus ended the story of the economic miracle Yugoslav Manchester, once the most developed industrial city in Yugoslavia in which it was ignited the first electric bulb in this part of Europe.

MARIBOR men and women

After any historical period of devastation the city like a phoenix from the ashes always defiantly rose and continued to develop the energy of its inhabitants, after the plague and great fires of the 18th century, after the devastating world wars, after the collapse of industry and economy. Or even, if you allow us a moment of bitterness, after the end European Capitals of Culture 2012 which is still a deep wound to local cultural workers. Maribor is saved and rebuilt by its Maribor men and women, with volunteer work and diligence that is often neglected, with zeal, love, enthusiasm and innovative ideas. Warm and hospitable, direct and sarcastically witty at your own expense, we will take you to local Styrian chaga which occur throughout the year.


The season of cultivated buds starts in March. After a deep hibernation or snowy joys on the surrounding hills, the first warmer sunny days invite you to Festival of walks (Festival of walks) with about thirty storytelling tours and other activities with local interpreters. From getting to know underground wine and other tunnels to sensory roads, medieval and industrial Maribor, urban beekeeping, local forest paths, city graffiti, extraordinary Maribor trees, searching for gold in the Drava River and researching its stories to trial of local witches, social life of the city gentleman, city ​​brothels and football legends. Irresistible, informative, attractive if understanding Slovenian does not make it difficult for you.

Music is a universal language! We will prove this to you every Easter weekend that the last decade has traditionally brought Maribor's Woodstock, Festival Scene at the Stuk Club. Three loud evenings with about twenty fierce local bands, rock, metal, punk and love, mosh pies, growling and a big picnic with kebabs and veggie offerings. May is with the traditional big outdoor event Opera night light warm-up for an unforgettable festival madness since early June.

Ready to open the summer season? Let's go!


June Saturdays are reserved for a festival of young jazz, art, wine and cuisine on Jewish Square. You can enjoy the colorfulness all month long Rainbow Maribor sa Pride parade and activities of young LGBTQ activists. Literary festival and book fair Slovenian Book Days it will attract passionate lovers of literature. For fans of the performing arts, we recommend the largest Slovenian theater festival Borštnik's meeting, which has been filling the Slovenian theater and cultural space for more than half a century.

Our unsurpassed, European flagship of all Maribor festivals it's called …


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The largest international multicultural open-air festival in Slovenia is one of the largest urban festivals in Europe and under its umbrella includes as many as four festivals. This summer is celebrated round 30th anniversary of the transformation of the city into a creative hive of culture and art. At the end of June, it traditionally turns the Lent promenade and the city center into a lively cultural and social center with thousands of citizens and guests. pulsating in the rhythms of the whole world. At many festival locations and stages, a genre-colorful but harmonized palette of different events is performed. In ten days of "flying" it offers visitors opera, ballet, concerts of classical, jazz, popular and ethno music, songwriting and chanson evenings, theater and dance performances, street theater performances, performances by folklore groups, drama and performance, puppetry and stand-up comedy, creative workshops for children in the city park, sporting events and other side events.

For the people of Maribor, Lent is not only the most important city festival, it is experience, mood, emotion, an annual chaga of all chaga that is deeply etched in our cultural identity.

A madhouse you must not miss!

A few years ago, it was said that Maribor was dying after the explosive end of Lent. Don’t believe it if you hear it! Rich cultural life continues in July and August with movies under the stars (and a few showers), Minoriti Summer Cinema in the Auditorium of the Maribor Puppet Theater (Maribor Puppet Theater) with an excellent program of award-winning films. For the youngest and the youngest at heart, we recommend the Summer Puppet Harbor (Summer Puppet Harbor) p performances for children and adults.


The cultural autumn is dedicated films, theater, music, dance and photography. The Festival of Animated Film invites you to the autumn fruits of culture Animation with the mascot of a cute elephant, an international festival of stop trick animation StopTrick, a documentary film festival DokuDoc with the mascot of the fish man, festival alternative theatrical productions ZIZ sa attractive performance from engaged theater to cabaret, a great dance festival Performa, a posh festival of classical music Maribor Festival, International Festival of Computer Arts i Photography Festival with a handful of photographic exhibitions. You can catch their events at different locations of Maribor culture: in Vetrinjski dvor on Vetrinjska Street, GT22 on Glavni trg 22, the Court Tower on the Lent promenade, in the People's House on Kneza Koclja Street, in city galleries and other attractive locations.


In December, you are invited to magical Maribor by "ports", a warm festive atmosphere and the magic of Advent. Decorated streets, squares, light installations called Lumina, mini fairs with special offers on stands and Festival of creativity, socializing and light Fairy place in the magnificent baroque Vetrinjski dvor. Winter concerts on the magical fairy stage, creative family workshops, children's shows. Gentle, fairytale, imaginative, intimate, without excessive kitsch and spectacularness, just like a cup of hot chocolate with cinnamon in one of the city’s cafes. Sparkling and fiery without real fireworks, with street fire shows, jugglers, acrobats, circus performers and some stray snowflakes. December in Maribor is a month in which a large Maribor family forgets each other's quarrels, and with sprinklers in our hands and sparks in our eyes, we enter Nova with new hope. ON bolher future for all of us.


We are a city of sweet wild strawberries of inestimable value, hidden from the view of voracious mass tourism. Get to know our unique urban character beyond the world’s oldest vine, wine-growing hills, beautiful nature and photogenic architecture. Come to us on Styrian chaga and you’ll wonder why you didn’t meet us earlier!

When you tell your experiences to your friends, you will come to experience Maribor again through the stories of its people. You will laugh at a witty narrator Vidu Kmetič from the association Hiša, admire the charismatic Uroš Dokl from the Museum of National Liberation. It will draw you to the true story of the mischievous monkey of the rich Scherbaum. Naughty Simon Žlahtič and his interesting safari with foreign artists at residencies will reveal to you the historical stories behind the facade of the city’s architecture. And only elegant seductress Madam M and her time in the city brothels ?! The former, of course. Did we mention the smiling one grandfather Furgul on an unusual bicycle and his nostalgic museum of socialism, brotherhood and unity, good old vinyl music and life anecdotes?

Welcome to Maribor. You may even, after a while, when you hear our enthusiastic narrators over your head, have the courage to Styrian argument: "Don't choke."

All photographs were used with permission Narodnog dom Maribor, Youth Cultural Center Maribor i association House. Thank you!

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