Murter grandmothers: Get out of the winter melancholy with merry carnivals

When the carnival is mentioned, the first association for most people is Venice or, closer to us, Rijeka, but Murter carnival due to its diversity, creativity of costumes and great entertainment, it can be placed in the top with the best.

Carnival participants - both young and old - let their imaginations and creativity run wild, so it is not uncommon to see the Trotter brothers from Peckham, some Guy Fawkes, one of the local favorite politicians, and cohorts of witches and other strange creatures from dreams and nightmares.

days of pozal' have been organized for more than 130 years, so they are one of the most important social events in Murter. The masked procession gathers every Shrove Tuesday and moves from Stari Murter towards the Hramina marina. After all the masked groups have presented themselves, the indictment of Krnja for all his last year's misdeeds is read, followed by the verdict and burning. The finale of this event is a masquerade ball and the selection of the best mask, and the party lasts until late at night.

The name of the carnival event Days o' Buck, is unique only to Murter. It has its roots in the people, where the term "BAKA" was used as a synonym for derogatory, ugly, freaky.
"The walls are blackened, and the grandmothers themselves are on the walls", is one of the folk sayings that supports the name.

The first major organized masquerade group, which was called “Strandba Gang”, dates from the 40s. It was they who devised a carnival custom that can be seen in the procession even today: old pots, pans and everything made of metal are tied to the vehicle with a rope and make unbearable noise, so you drive all over the place.

It is also recorded that the first planned sewn costumes were created about 50 years ago, and they represented Baron Trenk and the Venetian. In the very beginnings of the Murter carnival, masks were simple. Men would dress like women and women like men. The themes of the carnival were mostly related to current events from the past year, human intimacy and sexuality, all at the local level of the place.

"Murter grandmothers", like few carnival processions in the country, records a constant growth of participants and the development of creativity. In addition to the costumes, a lot of effort is put into creating a stage performance, so that sometimes it is difficult to tell that a particular group is just an ordinary masked group. The comparison with a theater troupe suits them better, because their performances are a carefully thought out show in every detail.

The happy weekend on the island starts already February 17 at 17 p.m. in Betina - Weight lifting – when men, women and children dressed in traditional costumes drag tin objects around the village and make noise to ward off evil. This is followed by socializing at the sea with food, song and the projection of old carnival videos. On the same day in Murter, you can see the Cultural Day o' Bak exhibition "Grandmothers through history".

The following day On February 18, a joyful procession and the trial of Jura follow in Tisno, after which the teams will test their strength in the gastro competition Gift kitchen - 3,2,1 whine! with an appropriate entertainment program.

Betina will have its big procession on the route Gradina - Trg na moru, after which the participants will be able to treat themselves to Beans, and have fun at the masked dance.

Sunday 19. February is traditionally reserved for the youngest, so almost all places on the island of Murter - Tisno, Betina and Murter - they have children's parades that will melt all hearts.

Place Jezera have reserved Sunday for the big ones, so they will a big procession starting at 15,00:XNUMX p.m. with an appropriate gastronomic entertainment program will last long into the night.

Monday 20. February Lake residents will have fun with small masquerades, au Murter, Krnje Krnjić will have his own trial. Conceived as a theatrical performance, he will list all the mistakes he has hidden and it is final verdict in the Žut cinema at 19,00:XNUMX. hours.

The central carnival day on the island Murter je Shrove Tuesday, February 21 and it is the happiest day when carnival parades and masquerades will rule the island.

Murter grandmothers in Murter na Big day o'bak they are preparing a spectacle of creativity and inspiration, and the procession starts from Stari Selo - a parade of masks through the main street and at the end a top party with the group Euforija, the popular Jola, and a DJ until the wee hours.

Book the third weekend in February and visit the island of Murter, where you will surely have fun with numerous events in all places of the island. Awaken the child in you, let your imagination run wild, be what you've always wanted to be that day and join the happy crew on the island. Even if you are not the type to dress up, come and enjoy the good vibes and see off the gloomy winter months with good fun.

Cover photo: Šibenik-Knin County Tourist Board


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