Days of mushrooms and black truffles - an event for lovers of mushrooms, but also nature

Paka, a small town in Varaždin County, hosts numerous mushroom pickers every year at this time, as well as a large number of outdoor enthusiasts. So it will be this weekend when it will take place the eighth Days of Boletus and Black Truffle. Paka is located on the old road Varaždin-Zagreb, on its own an hour by car from Zagreb.

Although this year's dry season has not yet turned the forest into a mushroom paradise, the event in Paki offers a multitude of programs that provide visitors with a great and meaningful pastime.

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Tomorrow, respectively on Saturday, September 18th from 13 p.m. the program begins fair of indigenous products, and in the continuation of the day and throughout Sunday all day, is also offered demonstration hunt for black truffles, educational tours the fort of Pak, the beaver dams at its foot, hiking routes Pak in the length of 18 kilometers under the guidance of a mountaineering guide. In action Walking to health visitors will be able to walk to connect the two forts, Paku and Čanjevo and thus get to know the cultural and historical sights of this area.

Paka mini trail with maxi break traditionally brings together runners and lovers of nature and movement in general. In addition to the catering offer, there is also tasting of mushroom and black truffle dishes, also plenty of content for children. Namely, there will be an ecological-educational workshop "Like the first, enigmatic tree", ŠU ŠU bar with various games and activities for the youngest, a children's play outdoors and a visit to the property of medicinal plants. There is also an art colony and an open-air exhibition "Life at Night".

Samo competition in mushroom picking it is scheduled for Sunday from 8 a.m. when registrations begin. The end is at 11.30, and the professional determination of harvested mushrooms is carried out by prof. Bartolić, President of the Croatian Mycological Association. The announcement of the most successful pickers is in the afternoon.

Days of porcini and black truffle

In any case, even if you are not one of those who find mushrooms from the first, second or third, Paka will offer you comfort in every sense. Just come. Admission for visitors is free and is held outdoors in compliance with applicable epidemiological measures. Find out more about the program at Facebook page of the event.

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