Saturday at the museum: Eco Museum "Međimurje malo"

Who was St. Jerome, and who is Dr. Rudolf Steiner? How does the meadow plavac live? What was the first civilization in Međimurje? Where is the pose located?

You can get answers to these questions already this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 16 p.m. in the Visitor Center Ecomuseum "Međimurje malo" in the Međimurje palace of tourism. In the Center, you will get to know the history, customs and culture of Međimurje through a virtual, multimedia and interactive display.

Ecomuseum is an innovative concept of preservation, protection and touristic interpretation of heritage, and it is the first such project in Croatia and in this part of Europe. 

Today's modern guest wants to experience the destination as it really is, its past and present, wants to taste its gastronomic riches, enjoy the natural beauty, listen to indigenous music and get to know the habits of the local population, and Ekomuzej Međimurje little covers everything Međimurje as a tourist destination can offer.

The Ecomuseum unites the most important values ​​of Međimurje - singing, archeological and sacral heritage, mill on the Murawashing of gold on the Drava, Old town of Zrinski, natural heritage, wine culturetraditional Međimurje gastronomy, life and work of Dr. Rudolf Steiner, sport and recreation.

In addition to the unique concept of the Ecomuseum, the technological solutions it offers are also unique - virtual reality is connected with the material, ie through the elements of virtual reality, contact with the museum space is achieved.

In the Visitor Center, a multimedia display introduces visitors to the attractive contents of the fourteen original localities that make up the Ecomuseum in an interactive and fun way. Along with viewing the exhibits, visitors can get information and recommendations about visiting authentic heritage sites, and here you can also charge your e-bike for free or take a break in the park located next to the Center.

Let us add at the end that the entrance is free for preschool children, and the museum is open for individual visitors every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 16 p.m., while group visits require an announcement, and you can find all the details at websites.

Photos: Međimurje County


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