Funtanjan's feasts take you into an unforgettable gastronomic story

In addition to being known for its irresistible charm, excellent climate, top location and beauty, Funtana has been building its image as a recognizable gastronomic destination for a long time. Therefore, many who already see Funtana in this way, or will only discover it in this light, will be happy with the news that from 12 to 21 May 2023 the second edition of the gastronomic event "Funtanjanski gušti" is being held in Funtana.

During the duration of this excellent event, which is organized by the Funtana Tourist Board, visitors will be able to enjoy the traditional specialties of the Istrian region made exclusively from fresh local ingredients, all at a unique promotional price.

He will participate in the event seven Funtanjan restaurants and taverns - restaurant Bokoon, restaurant - pizzeria Delfin, restaurant Histria, restaurant More, tavern Bare, tavern & grill Nando and restaurant Tonia, and each of them will offer a promotional fish and meat menu during the "Funtanjanski Gušti" event. The price of each individual menu, which will include an appetizer, main course, dessert and a glass of local wine, will be 22 euros.

In addition to bringing all lovers of excellent food closer to the local gastronomic offer, characterized by the highest quality fresh food, this event will certainly achieve its second goal, which is to motivate tourists to come so that the tourist season lasts longer. So, Funtana lives intensively and offers interesting things even in the pre-season, so we invite you to experience it, visit the event "Funtanjanski gušti" and truly feast on imaginative dishes.

Find all the information about the restaurants and the offer they have prepared for the "Funtanjanski gušti" event, as well as their contacts, at links.

Source of cover photo: Funtana Municipality Tourist Board


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