Varaždin County continues to develop a "story"

Brand "Holiday houses with a story" in the last three years, it has positioned Varaždin County in one of the continental counties of Croatia, which has exceptionally increased the number and quality of private accommodation. And not just any accommodation, but accommodation that has its own, unique story.

It is a project that has encouraged many to breathe new life into their cottages or clients who have lost their original purpose. Reconstruction and adaptation of these buildings were created Holiday homes intended for the accommodation of tourists, and it is important to point out that this also preserves the traditional architecture. Thus, today in the area of ​​Varaždin County there are slightly more than 100 holiday homes, which is almost four times more than in 2018 when the implementation of the project began.

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With the completion of the fourth certification round at the end of October 2021, 11 new holiday home owners signed Certification Agreements, increasing the number of Holiday Homes with a story to 55 with a total of 263 main and 40 extra beds.

- We are extremely proud of the fact that more than half of all holiday homes in Varaždin County are certified with this quality label, which primarily allows us to more easily manage the quality and sustainable development of this type of accommodation, and consequently entire destinations. Because in addition to raising the quality of accommodation, some of these houses, with their story and the contents they offer for their guests, have already become mini destinations and the main motive for traveling to the Varaždin region., said the director of the Tourist Board of Varaždin County, Miran Bojanić Morandini.

Privacy, peace, comfort, as well as additional facilities that each of the holiday homes offers to its guests, are just some of the reasons why almost 11% of all overnight stays in Varaždin County are realized in Holiday Homes with a story. Such a large number of guests also receive the added value of staying in certified accommodation, which guarantees a special experience and quality.

- Until three years ago, the rural parts of Varaždin County were almost completely unknown to tourists, and in a large part of the rural area of ​​the county there was not a single tourist accommodation facility. With the development of this project, many former cottages, huts and traditional houses on the beautiful green hills of Varaždin, have become a recognizable brand and synonym for the quality of private accommodation in Varaždin County and Croatia. These facilities attract guests from all over the world, and people who until yesterday had no experience in tourism today are the hosts who get the highest ratings from tourists, points out Bojanic Morandini.

Holiday homes that in 2021, as part of IV. of the certification round became “Holiday houses with a story”:

Holiday home Sviba ***
Address: Tuhovec 26a, Varaždinske Toplice
Capacity: 2 + 1

Holiday home Oasis of Peace ****
Address: Lukavec 30d, Ivanec
Capacity: 6 + 2

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Villa Trakoscan Dream ****
Address: Šinkovica Šaška 25A, Bednja
Capacity: 4

Vacation Home Odisea Hill House ***
Address: Gačice 11A, Ivanec
Capacity: 4 + 2

Villa Issa ****
Address: Vinogradska 102/54, Vrtlinovec
Capacity: 4 + 2

Holiday home Podvezanec ****
Address: Mali Vrh 421c Street, Varaždinbreg
Capacity: 4 + 2

Holiday Villa Rita ***
Address: Ul. Franje Bužanića 14, Turčin
Capacity: 8 + 2

Sofi Holiday House ***
Address: Pišćanovec 18/2, Varaždinske Toplice
Capacity: 4 + 2

Holiday home Padiva ***
Address: Izvorska 56, Globočec Ludbreški
Capacity: 4 + 2

Georgina Sunny Hill House ****
Address: Vinogradska 90, Seketin
Capacity: 4 + 2

Holiday house Trojak ***
Address: Nova Gora 100, Jalžabet
Capacity: 4 + 2

Cover photo: Holiday house Podvezanec / Varaždin County Tourist Board
Photos: Varaždin County Tourist Board

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