Velebit Nature Park celebrates its 40th birthday

From Saturday, May 29 to June 5, Velebit Nature Park offers visitors 50% discount on tickets for Zavratnica Bay. It is the occasion of celebrating the 40th birthday of the Velebit Nature Park, which was declared a nature park on May 29, 1981 as the most important endemic hub of flora and fauna in Croatia. It is also significant for the richness of forms and phenomena of karst, which gave a stamp to the relief and landscape diversity.

In the week from May 29 to June 05, we are offering a 50% discount on tickets for Zavratnica Bay to mark the 40th birthday of the Velebit Nature Park!

Posted by Velebit Nature Park on Friday, May 28, 2021

Velebit Nature Park it is the largest protected area in Republic of Croatia. But other than that, this park is special in many ways. Inside you can enjoy a number of interesting content and natural beauty. Among them is one of the most beautiful Croatian bays - Zavratnica. It is located near Jablanca, opposite the island of Rab.

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It is counted in Zavratnica 129 plant species, of which 100 are indigenous and 29 are indigenous. Zavratnica Bay is a part NATURE 2000 - ecological networks composed of areas important for the conservation of endangered species and habitat types of the European Union. The writer Vjenceslav Novak found inspiration for his works here, and in the bay are the remains of a German warship from the II. World War II sunk by Allied planes.

After its origin, Zavratnica flooded the torrent valley with canyon cliffs about 100 meters high. The length of the bay is about 900 and the width varies between 50 and 150 meters. At the beginning of the 20th century, an upper path with a lookout was built, as well as a promenade by the sea. Sometime around that time, Zavratnica became a secret summer resort for the Viennese and Prague elites. The blue shades of the sea in the bay are contrasted by the gray shades of the Velebit stone, the greenery of the sparse vegetation and the dark clouds of the shade of the trees that travel only parts of the trail on warm summer days. 

Due to its natural values, Zavratnica Bay is still there In 1964, it was declared a significant landscape. To Zavratnica can be reached by a footpath along the sea from the direction of Jablanac, as well as descend to the bay by a hiking trail from the village of Zavratnica. If you take the path that leads to the lookout point above the bay, you will get to know the phenomenon of this significant landscape with the help of several educational boards.

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