Vincelovo or Vinkovo ​​- Golden Slavonia will not disappoint wine lovers this year either

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Why wine lovers in Požega-Slavonia County you can find out already this weekend that they are coming into their own. Many traditional customs are connected to Vincelovo or Vinkovo, and in Golden Slavonia there is no shortage of rich vineyards. Although it is one of the smaller Croatian counties in terms of area, there is no shortage of diversity and content. Thus, the beginning of the wine-growing year in this area will be marked by numerous events and celebrations.

Winemaking in Požega-Slavonia County has a long and successful tradition. This is not surprising, because Zlatna Slavonija, due to its position, has given birth to numerous top wines, recognizable in Croatia, but also in the world.

The memorial day of St. Vinko has been worshiped since ancient times in these parts. Custom dictates that the winegrower goes to his vineyard and consecrates it and prays for a good upcoming winegrowing year. For the holiday of Saint Vinko, the destination Golden Slavonija becomes a center visited by guests from all over Croatia and the region.

///The link between the Kutjevac vineyard and the world-famous wine regions is one parallel

It is well known that the Požega-Slavonia County has developed a tradition of viticulture, the production of which begins as far back as 1232. Then the Cistercian monks built a cellar in Kutjevo, which is one of the oldest in Southeastern Europe.

January 21, 2023

Vincelovo on Požeška Gora

The celebration of Vincelov on Požeška Gora, organized by the Tourist Board of the City of Požega, will take place on Saturday, January 21, from 11 a.m. in the vineyard on Fratrovica, in the immediate vicinity of the city center. This year's celebration will be hosted by Ivanka Dodiković, with the support of the widely known Požega winemaker and viticulturist, the only Croatian wine cardinal, Vlad Bauer.

vincel's vinkovo

With the purchase of a glass at the price of 5 euros, visitors will be able to enjoy the host's wines, a rich gastronomic offer and the sounds of the tambourine band Zlatna dolina.

Vincelovo in Kutjevo

The celebration of Vincelov in Kutjevo, organized by the Tourist Board of the City of Kutjevo and the association of Kutjeva winemakers, will be held on January 21st at Graševine Square starting at 14 p.m.

The program begins with the lighting of the Vincel fire and the blessing of the unique vineyard on Graševine Square. Visitors will enjoy drops of the best wines from Kutjevac winemakers and a traditional Vincel staff to the sound of the tambourine of the Tambura band Paori.

January 22, 2023

1. Winter Vincelovski campaign

This year, for the first time, mountaineers and wine lovers will also come to their senses. Namely, the Croatian Mountaineering Society Klikun, in cooperation with the Tourist Board of the City of Pleternica and with the support of the City of Pleternica, organizes the 1st Winter Vincelovski hike on Sunday, January 22. The gathering of mountaineers and all nature lovers will be at 9:30. At around 10 o'clock, he moves along the Educational Path towards Starac hill, and then towards Viškovačko grad.

Vinkovo ​​in Velika

Vinkovo ​​in Velika has been a tradition for over 30 years and is always held on the day of Vinkovo, the patron saint of winemakers, winegrowers and cellarmen. Locals from Velika and the surrounding area, as well as visitors from other regions, dear friends and guests from all over Croatia, traditionally gather around the big Vincel fire.

This year's Vinkovo ​​will be held in Aquapark Shhhuma in Velika. About fifteen winemakers from the Velika Municipality will participate, whose wines you will be able to taste by buying a glass of Vinkovo ​​in Velika 2023 at a price of 4 euros, and about fifteen associations from the Velika Municipality will take care of the food. So you will be able to taste shepherd's pie, fish stew, sausages, hot dogs, beans, buns at the associations' stands, and you will be able to buy a meal voucher for 2 euros.

vincel's vinkovo

After the holy mass in the Church of St. Augustine at 17 p.m., there will be a blessing of winemakers, winegrowers and cellarmen in front of the stage in Aquapark Shhhuma. After the blessing, there will be an entertainment program with the Zlatna dolina band from Tamburas and the Posegana vocal-instrumental band.

January 28, 2023

Vetovacko Vincelovo

So many events and so little time. For those who love good wine, but for some reason cannot mark Vincelovo, the weekend later they have the opportunity to make up for what they missed.

Namely, on Saturday, January 28, at Trg sv. Vinka in Vetovo will be held traditionally Vincelovo. With the purchase of a glass, you will receive a Vincelovski stick and beans. You will be entertained by Tamburasi za soul, Marija Pavković Snaša and the Posegan Tamburasi band. The program lasts from 16:22 to XNUMX:XNUMX, and after that the celebration continues in the community center where the tambourine band Satir from Davor performs.

So, from all of the above, it is clear that Požega-Slavonia County will once again justify the trust of wine lovers. It's up to you to plan your time, choose a destination and enjoy the rich offer of good drinks and the accompanying program, which will not be missing this year either.

Photo source: Požega-Slavonia County Tourist Board


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