A destination where tradition, culture and history have been living in harmony with nature for more than a hundred years

In the northernmost Croatian county is the Municipality of Sveti Martin na Muri is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in continental Croatia and certainly the most interesting border point of Lijepa Naša.

Mill house

If you want to learn more about milling, visit Mill ground in Žabnik. There is a floating mill that will evoke this traditional craft, and a ferry that you can take along the Mura River. After sightseeing the mill, visit Mill house and through the multimedia exhibition "One day in the life of miller Franc Žalar" find out what the life of a miller looked like.

/// Become a miller for a day in Međimurje

Scaffolding house

One of the newest tourist attractions is Scaffolding house which in the function of an interpretation center has the task of preserving the tradition of scaling and life along the Mura River. Learn all about climbing, the history of this unique and interesting, hundreds of years old way of transporting people and goods between the two sides of the Mura River, get a local souvenir or join your loved ones in the open space of the Scaffolding House.

Matulov soil

Old "house" in Frkanovac It was built more than a hundred years ago in the spirit of the tradition of the Međimurje region, and is a well-preserved example of rural architecture. Reconstruction and conversion created an educational and research center dedicated to butterflies and important habitats of plant and animal species of upper Međimurje.

/// Matul's land in the heart of Međimurje has become a unique educational and research center

Between two waters

Visitor Center Between two waters it is imbued with love for Međimurje's natural heritage and the need to preserve it. It is located in a small village Križovec, and on the ground floor of the Center are two modern galleries with a permanent interpretation and multimedia exhibition. In the vicinity of the Center there is an interpretation log cabin Moj hrast Adam and a children's playground.


Not far from the listed locations located and the main center of Međimurje County, Čakovec. It is a city of culture, numerous events and a rich sports tradition whose center is adorned with historicist and Art Nouveau architecture, and the walls of the Old Town hide legends like the one about the dragon Pozoje sleeping under the city. It is also called the town of the Zrinskis because from the middle of the 16th to the end of the 17th century a noble family of the same name ruled in Međimurje. It is one of the most famous, largest and most significant preserved goods Old town Čakovec, i.e. the Old Town of the Zrinskis. Categorized as a cultural asset of national importance, today it is home to the local museum "Treasury of Međimurje" where you can learn all about the rich history and tradition of Međimurje.

Ecomuseum Međimurje small

You can experience a top interpretation of the cultural and natural heritage of Međimurje if you explore the most modern multimedia and interactive display in this area. The Central Visitor Center is located in the premises of the Međimurje County Tourist Board and is designed as a center that gives visitors basic and most important information about Međimurje and encourages them to explore the cultural, historical and traditional heritage of the original location. Ecomuseum, through virtual reality, unites the most important values ​​of Međimurje - song, archeological and sacral heritage, Mlin na Muri, gold washing on the Drava, Zrinski Old Town, natural heritage, wine culture, traditional Međimurje gastronomy, life and work of Dr. Rudolf Steiner, sports and recreation.

/// Ekomuzej Međimurje malo - the most modern interactive exhibition in this part of Europe

Dr. Rudolf Steiner Center

A little further than Terme Sveti Martin, who have adapted their business strategy to the philosophy of Dr. Rudolf Steiner, there is also Dr. Rudolf Steiner Center in his birth house in Donji Kraljevec. The mission of this center is to spread the knowledge, experience and practice of Dr. Rudolf Steiner with emphasis on biodynamic agriculture as a sustainable solution to the challenges of environmental protection, social and food policy of the 21st century, and sensitizing and educating consumers about the value and quality of biodynamic food. Dr. Rudolf Steiner Center, a world-class institution for the promotion and application of Dr. Rudolf Steiner's sciences in all aspects of his work, especially in the field of biodynamic agriculture.


For more than 100 years, the thermo-mineral water of Terme Sveti Martin has been used for the purpose ofbolhealth issues. Once accessible only through a well, today it is available to all who visit the Spa in the far north of our beautiful country in Sveti Martin na Muri. Check out how one of the most healing and high-quality thermo-mineral waters in Europe works, which according to the analysis of the water in this spa is more than 43.000 years old.

Thermomineral water brings riches from the depths and conveys the love of Mother Nature with its warmth and healing minerals. This extremely rich thermo-mineral water of high mineralization has been known since 1913, when the Anglo-Hungarian company London-Budapest conducted research and drilling in search of oil, but instead of oil, thermo-mineral water originated! Water is pumped from two wells today, along with the one from 1913. The second well was drilled in 2014.


At 341 meters above sea level, only three and a half meters lower than the highest point of Međimurje Mohokos, it is located Madjerkin breg which offers one of the most beautiful views in continental Croatia, and thanks to the CycleSeeing Attractour - CSA project, worth 1.463.966,46 euros, Međimurje got a lookout point and new tourist content.

/// A new tourist attraction in the north of Croatia: From the 28-meter high tower, the view spans 4 countries

Mađerkin breg is a hill above Štrigova towards the border with Slovenia, at 341 meters above sea level, only three meters lower than the highest point of Međimurje. The advantage of Mađerka Hill is that you can see as many as four countries, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria and Slovakia, and in good weather you can see Sljeme.

The new Bicycling and Information Center with a lookout point, a new tourist attraction in Međimurje, is located right there. The idea of ​​a viewpoint on Mađerka hill, it arose from the choice of the location that is the bestbolji possible way can present natural beauties of upper Međimurje and its geographical position. The plan also includes a zip-line from Madjerka breg to Robadje, as well as the "continental sea organ", i.e. the Gorica pipe that will be played by the wind on top of Madjerka breg from the viewpoint that has already been named Eiffel Tower Međimurje.

Cover photo: Mura and Mlin na Muri / Sveti Martin na Muri Tourist Board


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