The green oasis of the playful Špancirfest - the atrium of the County Palace is a place for creating unforgettable memories

This year, Varaždin County is once again joining the largest Croatian open-air festival with attractive facilities, Spancirfest. The most beautiful courtyard in Varaždin, the baroque palace of Varaždin County, becomes a place of rest for all the senses, a green oasis in the city center and a place to meet nature, activities on the Drava, childhood memories, a place where you can feel the serenity, beauty and power of nature. During the festival days, the atrium will become a unique, attractively decorated, interactive backdrop for photographing and shooting your own creative postcards and a place to create unforgettable memories.

From Thursday, August 26, to Sunday, August 29, a green oasis turns into a place of top gastronomic experience. Through the event "Oblizeki of Varaždin County" guests will be able to enjoy the centuries-old tradition of making dishes from indigenous ingredients interpreted through contemporary gastronomic expression. The desserts will be prepared by the award-winning culinary masters of the Minerva Varaždinske Toplice restaurant at a popular price. from HRK 25, and with the dishes themselves, visitors will be able to enjoy Decanter wines of Varaždin vineyards at a price of 10 kuna.

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Everything that made Špancirfest the most popular Croatian festival is here again: top concerts, the best street performers from all over Europe, hilarious theater performances under the starry sky, creativity, art and a rich exhibition offer on the streets of Varaždin, inspiring and entertaining content for children on more locations, Wine City, irresistible snacks from all over the world and a unique atmosphere created by good-natured people who enjoy the end of summer. And when you want a rest and an oasis of peace in the middle of a playful Špancirfest, find your place in the Atrium and enjoy with all your senses.

Spancireri will have the opportunity to enjoy the celestial performance of the balloons of Varaždin County, which will in the period August 23-25, if the weather conditions are favorable, in the evening it will be raised at a concert in the Old Town. Thus, visitors will be able to see the dome of the balloon live, as well as a reproduction of one of the most impressive works of Croatian naive art - paintings "Flower Festival" by Ivan Rabuzin.

Just Courtyard of Varaždin County these days it will be a place to meet, socialize, enjoy nature and gastronomy, but above all a place where it is nice to come and feel comfortable. We are already on our way to Varaždin, and where are you?

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