A hedonistic destination full of tradition and heritage that you can taste!

The variety of folklore is in Brod-Posavina County transfer to a plate too! And the secret ingredient is Slavonians. That secret is passed down from generation to generation through recipes, and those recipes are full of love. Love for the Slavonian plain, its fruits and special tradition. It can't be more special!

From January to December, from urban to rural, breathe in the pure nature of the beautiful plain, taste the most beautiful recipes whose secret is passed down through the generations, experience a unique adventure….

A hedonistic destination full of taste and smell!

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The secret ingredient of this colorful cuisine is worn by Slavonians. That secret is passed down from generation to generation through recipes, and you the recipes are full of love. Love for the Slavonian plain, its fruits and special tradition.

You will enjoy homemade sarma, shepherd's pie, famous fish or carp on forks. You will be delighted by Slavonian delicacies carefully arranged on the plateaus, excellent game of Slavonian forests and hearty unique soups. Sugar in the end is definitely homemade dots and irresistible apple strudel, and not even the throat will stay dry with top quality wines, homemade beer or gin!

If you come to Slavonian Posavina you have to prepare for the hedonistic pleasures provided by the rich table of this region. Kulen, sausage, bacon and ham are well-known products that you can expect. Dishes prepared on an open flame, as well as fish specialties, will delight your palate, and a large selection of cakes will throw into a trance lovers of sweets.

We present to you the chosen ones ten gastro destinations, all members of the project Tastes of Border Posavlje, which brings together restaurants that nurture traditional cuisine.

Our gastronomic adventure begins in the heart of Slavonski Brod, in a rustic decoration the cult restaurant Uno. The large bread oven dominates the kitchen and it is immediately clear to you that you can eat great pizza here. Excellent veal under the oven, boiled lamb, beef steak, homemade pastries… are additional reasons to visit this restaurant as well as a beautifully decorated summer terrace.

In the northern part of the city, fish lovers come into their own in the restaurant Rodino gnijezdo (near the home of the most famous couple in the world - Malena and Klepetana). In the carefully equipped traditional interior of warm colors, you will enjoy a number of fish specialties, among which the forked carp, Orly carp and, of course, the inevitable fish stew stand out.

If you give a little more to the northeast, on the slopes of Dilj, in Bukovlje, the road will take you to the Savus farm. This resort is equipped with a swimming pool and sports fields, with a beautiful view of the city and a restaurant, where the friendly staff offers excellent food. They are especially proud of their home-made products such as - kulina, bacon, sausage, ajvar and paprika in oil. Before you indulge in stew, perfectly seasoned sausage with cabbage or veal that melts in your mouth, try homemade grilled bacon for an appetizer in combination with homemade bread.

We will continue our gourmet journey east of Slavonski Brod.

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Our first destination Ramarin Ranch, catering and sports facility in Garčin, with a horse stable, a beautiful park, apartments and a restaurant where you have to order "Slavonian platter". Along with homemade smoked cheese with chives, your taste buds will be delighted by the top-quality ham and home-made culinary of the Galović family. Try the Slavonian Horseshoe, a fantastic way to prepare carp and homemade sausages with fried sauerkraut. The most delicious of Slavonia from the heart of Slavonia, can you bolis?! A visit to the wine cellar and tasting of their wines from their own vineyard is also mandatory.

You have to visit a restaurant in nearby Oprisavci House of Dida Tunja. If you want to find out what the old farm looked like, you will enjoy a walk through the yard of this building, its pond, domestic animals and especially horses. The restaurant consists of several buildings of traditional rural decor. Great fireplaces, great food, friendly staff. Start with crackling pate on homemade bread and continue with pies. Oprisavci is located near the Sava, so it is known that fish stew and carp on forks follow, but also the perfect shepherd's pie. And finally sweeten with dumplings with homemade jam.

In the far east of the county, in Velika Kopanica, awaits us restaurant Jeram. Unique, solid wood furniture is the first thing that will catch your eye. This is the right place to order the perfect homemade beans! If you want something lighter, there’s a juicy perch fillet, chard and potatoes. And of course, pizza, for which the restaurant is famous in the area.

Let's return to the road at the foot of Dilj and head to the western part of the county.

When you pass Slavonski Brod you come to the area of ​​Stupnik vineyards, rich in many small producers of top wines. Hotel Stupnički dvori lies at the foot of a large vineyard, through which you need to walk to the top of a hill with a beautiful view of the area. The kitchen of this hotel will drive you crazy: deer steak in mushroom sauce, lamb chops with flavored polenta, duck breast in chocolate and cherry sauce, boiled apples with cookies and ice cream… All these wonders complemented by top wines from the famous Galić winery!

Continue on the road west to Nova Gradiška where two top gourmet destinations await us.

Dukat Restaurant it is decorated with a lot of Slavonian details - from sling curtains, decorative rugs to Slavonian motifs on carved paintings and works of art. Be sure to try the homemade porridge with sour cream and fried bacon here! The owners, the Arić Family, are breeders of autochthonous black Slavonian pigs "fajferica", Posavina horses and Slavonian Podolian cattle. You can buy all their products in the restaurant.

Restaurant Slavonski Biser is an elegantly decorated facility in Nova Gradiška, where you will enjoy several very traditional dishes that are popular outside this area. We are talking, of course, about superbly prepared sarma with boiled salted potatoes and shepherd's pie served in a small cauldron, just for you, with homemade bread!

Let's get out on the highway now and head again towards Slavonski Brod.

In front of the town, in Lužani, you will find a beautifully built restaurant Fisherman's house. The location of this restaurant between a hill covered with vineyards north of the highway and a large pond south of the highway already signals to you what you will enjoy if you visit this facility. Fish stew, fried or breaded carp, catfish, perch, all with a precious drop from the local wine cellars.

Source and photo: Brod-Posavina County Tourist Board

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