A list of stunning beaches that you should not miss if you are spending your summer in the city of Krk

The island of Krk is located in the center of the Kvarner Bay, and is adorned with a mild Mediterranean climate, a favorable geographical position and a variety of natural and cultural beauties. You will often hear that the island of Krk is also called the golden island, and it got that name in antiquity because of the poor wealth of its land, but also of the sea. Cultural heritage earned it another name - the cradle of Croatian culture, and at the beginning of the twentieth century they called him i "Sixth Continent".

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Photo: Luka Tabako

You can discover the story of the island of Krk and its rich history ON THE LINK, and today we guide you through suggestions for the most beautiful beaches and coves in the very center of the island - the town of Krk, which await you this summer for the best refreshment from the heat, relaxing on a deck chair, taking photos - or simply watching the beautiful sunset from the beach...

The motto of Krk as a city of history and culture is based on more than 3000 years of continuous life in the city.

Dražica Beach and Redagara Bay

Dražica beach is located at the far eastern part of the town of Krk, ten minutes' walk from the town center.

Krk beaches
Photo: Luka Tabako

How to get to the beach? Very easy! The road is accessible, you can walk to it along a well-maintained walkway, and don't worry - the walk will be pleasant even during the heat, since the road is shaded.

This beach is located in a romantic bay below the Valamar Koralj hotel. After a walk and/or a swim, you can refresh yourself in one of the restaurants or lay back in a deck chair under an umbrella and watch the romantic bay and the clear sea.

Part of the beach is gravel, with a gravel bottom - while the sea bottom is sandy on the concrete part of the beach.

Also, 50 meters opposite the beach is located Redagara, a beach for pets.

Krk beaches
Photo: Luka Tabako

Redagara is a pebbly, isolated and quiet beach between Dražica beach and CAMPING Krk, and it is also suitable for your pets.

Dunat beach

When you head along the main road towards Punat, two kilometers from the center of Krk, you will come across the pebble beach Dunat.

Dunat beach is rich in facilities and will appeal to all adventurers looking for good fun. On the beach there is a children's playground, a beach volleyball court, it is possible to rent small boats, and the main attraction is water sports. When you get tired of the activities, you will find refreshment with food and drink in one of the catering establishments.

Porporela beach

A prominent, particularly beautiful beach that is widely talked about is Porporela beach. It is located just a few minutes' walk from the city center and in the immediate vicinity of Ježevac camp.

Krk Porporela beach
Photo: Luka Tabako

This pebble beach will reward absolutely everyone who chooses it because it offers facilities for everyone - we can say, she thought of everything! Easy accessibility and access to the sea makes the beach the first choice for families with children, disabled people, elderly swimmers and everyone else. In addition, the beach bar, the possibility of renting sunbeds, kayaks, scooters and pedal boats will appeal to young people looking for good fun on the beach.

Portapisana beach

The beach is located east of the thousand-year-old walls that surround the old part of the town of Krk. There you will create the most beautiful photos with a panoramic view that you will enjoy even while swimming.

Krk beaches
Photo: Luka Tabako

At Portapisana, you can sunbathe on the concrete plateaus or rent a deck chair and umbrella and enjoy the shade undisturbed - as you prefer.

Beach Plav

One of the more famous beaches of Krka is beautiful Blue beach. It is gravel with concrete parts as if created for sunbathing. You can rent a boat on the beach and enjoy a new unforgettable adventure or simply relax after sunbathing refresh at the bar.

Krk beach
Photo: Luka Tabako

Tip: Head forward along the forest road along the beach in the opposite direction from the town of Krk and you will discover many more hidden and interesting bays.

Ježevac beach

This beautiful beach, surrounded by a pine forest, is located in the camp of the same name, ten minutes from the city center. Ježevac offers you a choice between gravel and rocky beaches, where you are provided with showers and you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas. In addition, there are catering facilities at your disposal.

Getting to the beach: you can easily reach Ježevac Beach on foot, by bicycle or by car, which you can park in the nearby parking lot, only 200 meters from the beach itself.

The beach is also suitable for disabled people, and due to its shallowness, even non-swimmers will not miss it.

Punta di Galetto beach

Punta di Galetto is a beach that will be adored by fans of "baking" in the sun - there are concrete plateaus as if they were made for sunbathing, and you will find the beach along the Dražica pedestrian path. You can reach it by car following the paved road, by bicycle or on foot.

Krk beaches
Photo: Luka Tabako

The beach is equipped with sanitary facilities, showers and catering facilities.

Photos: Luka Tabako / Krk Tourist Board


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