A breathtaking walk over Blue Lake

Mystical and mysterious, Blue i Red lake Code Imotski fascinating steep cliffs and beautiful colors of its clear and clear waters captivate with unearthly beauty.

The story of Blue Lake tells how deep it is like a secret, and to the people who lived on its shore it was as important as health. As legend has it, lake caves have been inhabited by good and evil spells in the past. Good deeds had their days, so people who would wash themselves in lake water in those days became good themselves. Evil spells, on the other hand, only wanted to do evil to people, so they would not let the children who came down to the water touch it.

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They further say that all sorts of miracles were seen in the water of the lake due to evil deeds, and at night the painful cries of the lake spread through its cliffs, which did not want to belong to any evil creature or non-creature.

One night, during the reign of evil deeds, after a terrible roar, noise and break, the morning dawned and there were no lakes; just the gaping, dry mouth of the earth. Evil spells dug deep holes in the ground and let all the silver lake water flow through them.

This Monday, Austrian and German adventurers, famous highliners. After 700 meters long special polyester tape wide flow 2,5 centimeters crucified between the eastern and western cliffs of the lake they walked 670 meters without falling and so collapsed Croatian record. Same team Heavenly walkers In 2017, it caused a sensation by crossing Red Lake, the deepest karst lake in Europe, located only a kilometer and a half away.

She provided organizational support to this adrenaline-adventure spectacle of crossing the dry Blue Lake. Imotski Tourist Board, and for the people of Imotski itself, it was a substitute for an unplayed traditional football match on a dry bottom, which (yet!) did not take place due to unfavorable weather conditions. Namely, as the Blue Lake periodically dries up every few years, a unique football match between Elves i Werewolf, and thus the legend of the lake is preserved and transmitted.

In any case, the scenes of the parched Blue Lake, in the center of which is a man, and below him an abyss deeper than half a kilometer, leave you breathless.

Photo: TZ Imota / Author: Boško Ćosić

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