A wealth of traditional dishes of the Varaždin region at the Days of Taste of Croatian tradition

In the period from 15 to 28 November 11, take a look at the rich palette of Croatian gastronomic treasures and enjoy a sequence of three or more traditional dishes from 2021 kn.

Second National Days of Taste of Croatian Tradition are maintained from 15. - 28. 11. 2021. in more than 100 restaurants throughout Lijepa Naša. Take a look at the rich palette of Croatian gastronomic treasures and from 75,00 kn enjoy a sequence of three or more traditional dishes whose preparation, in facilities bearing the standard Tastes of Croatian Tradition, is cherished with love even today. These are dishes whose smells and tastes conquer the soul and body, and turn eating into a true experience and pleasure.

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As part of the culture, heritage, customs and everyday life of the people, local gastronomy with its flavors and aromas stands out as an unavoidable component of the tourist offer. Enjoying food today is an increasingly important motive for traveling, but also an important element in assessing the overall experience and guest satisfaction with the destination. With the systematic development of gastronomy as a key tourist offer, it begins to represent a broader concept that includes the preparation of traditional food through the use of local foods and products, thus uniting agriculture, gastronomy, oenology, production and culture, and thus becomes an important factor in sustainable development.

In the 2nd Days of Taste of Croatian Tradition from the area of ​​Varaždin County, 15 facilities are participating, holder of the standard Tastes of the Varaždin region. Meeting the cuisine of the Varaždin region means getting to know the richness and variety of dishes that, on the one hand, were created by the surprising simplicity of preparation and ingenuity of village housewives or, on the other hand, special culinary skills in civic, lordly and noble court kitchens. Still, the charm is in the preparation that preserves the taste and superior values ​​of home-grown food grown by diligent farming hands in village yards, arable land and fields or found in the surrounding forests and numerous watercourses.

And the objects - bearers of the standard Tastes of the Varaždin region spread before you this wide range of gastronomic treasures. The aromas and flavors of home-grown food, and the dishes and drinks they exude, will give you the true pleasure of eating. And with the signature of tradition.

You can find the entire menu offer by facilities in Varaždin County below in the attachment to this announcement, while the offers of all restaurants from other counties involved in the project can be found on the website at link. - Welcome, enjoy, and good luck. Cheers, reports from the Tourist Board of Varaždin County.

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