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My name is Daniela Drčec and I am the owner of a family farm and a brand of handmade products under the aDORAble brand.

Whole aDORAble the story actually began with my departure from the corporation a full five years ago. In fact, my hobby was (and still is) photography and various other creative expressions, but I honestly started "cooking" only after I quit :-)! Since working in a corporation often brings with it a not very healthy diet, I started preparing healthier meals and thus healthy jams for my family as a substitute for various commercial spreads. The experiment succeeded, and the story of the jams began to slowly spread beyond our home, first in a family and friend circle. Everyone who tried them was delighted, so I started giving them as gifts to welcome guests to our family apartments on the sea. After the guests asked me what else we were offering, I realized it was time to start developing the brand and new products. We opened a family farm and started producing larger quantities of certain foods. I am the strictest critic, along with my children and wife, myself :-)! The kids are totally honest and that’s great for me. "Mom, that's not much for you" or "This is great for you!" I am glad to have a circle of sincere friends who each help me in my (different) way to be constructive and productive.

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The main products of our small family production that we offer under the aDORAble brand, are flavored salts, jams and hot sauces. We also produce smaller quantities of syrups, juices, spreads and cold drinks.

Our biggest focus is on the flavored salt program. We believe that this is the product with the most potential, and given that it can function as a so-called. food souvenir, najbolcan tell interesting stories about #aDORAbleTasteofCroatia, equally interesting to foreign tourists and us, locals.

My initial goal was to preserve surplus herbs, citrus peels, etc. and then I started experimenting with various flavors and techniques. I even have a wish list of flavors / combinations I want to try. The production of flavored salts makes me very happy and I constantly try to educate as much as possible on this topic. That difference that flavored salt can give to the most ordinary dish is an inexhaustible inspiration to me. And the fact that my product can literally spice up someone's day, so what more can a manufacturer want ?!

I was most bothered by the generality and the wide possibility of interpreting regulatory elements and guidelines.

Occasionally it happens that I am totally delighted with a product or taste, but the people around me are not, but I think that is normal. It is important to me that everyone can find their favorite among aDORAble products, and my goal is to make this choice even more difficult for them, preferably to put them in a dilemma, trilemma, quadrilem.

Orchards and gardens are located in Zagorje, and a smaller part on the island of Krk. In the orchard we have old varieties of apples and berries, plums, peaches, grapes. Of the vegetables, our largest plantations are chili peppers: from seeds, through seedlings to the final product, we grow over 20 different varieties in a combination of urban farming and classic vegetable garden. 

The wish list is long, but given the brand's experience, that's normal, isn't it? We are a young brand and we believe we are the bestbolis yet to come. We want to develop a family business through our own space, ie a mini sales and production gallery, various collaborations (with tourist communities on the project of creating taste for their area / region, with chefs developing a premium product line, with winemakers to tell the story of indigenous wine varieties, etc.), webshop, increase and byboldetermining the conditions and capacity of plantations. We want to become a recognizable gastro brand in our business.

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aDORAble is a family project. It is very important to me that our children, Josip 11 years old and Dora 8,5 years old, are satisfied and involved in development according to their age. Everyone has their favorite jam, salt. They suggest new flavors or products, actively participate in brand development. Here, Dora's name is in the title as well. They experiment and prepare simple meals themselves. The family farm is great among other things and for very useful lessons for children. We teach them patience (eg chili takes 4 months from seed to fruit), misunderstanding (food does not “grow” on the shelf in the store), useful work (they participate in parts of the process according to their age).

I would stress the importance of consuming quality foods and products. This also applies to salt, we cannot do without it, but we need to consume it in moderation. So let it be the one that will turn even the most ordinary meal into a feast.

Danijela has been a registered landlord for 11 years. She started telling stories about tastes. She planted a mini spice garden that is also available to her guests, dragged an old wooden boat under the fig tree, rearranged it (bow into a "bar" with high chairs), made a kids corner, book corner, etc. She mostly tried to be "different" and show guests that she cares.

When we return to nature, totally aDORAble things begin to happen and that is exactly how Daniela's story began, who is dedicated to enriching the taste of food on your table. All products are completely natural and this new brand tells an autochthonous Croatian story in such a simple and original way.

Some stories just deserve to be told… this is one of them. An example of what a host should look like where you will rent an apartment on the sea, and with the apartment get an experience, love and indigenous experience.

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