Everyone on Cres: Swim for scampi introduction to the “Cres kaić” district

Cres kaić, an event dedicated to the preservation of Cres maritime heritage and tradition, for the fourth year in a row attracts many visitors to the city of Cres. From May 30 to June 5. visitors will be able to enjoy a regatta of traditional boats, numerous workshops, bowling tournaments, Mori cantadi and brisket and trešeti, a great entertainment program and numerous concerts, all complemented by gastronomic delicacies prepared as part of the event.

As an introduction to the Cres kaić in Valun on Saturday, May 28th in the picturesque ambience of Valun, a festival of traditional sailing boats starts with top gastronomic delicacies made from Kvarner shrimp. Swimming fans can try their hand at the unique Swim for scampi one-kilometer swimming marathon. After swimming, look for special menus based on Kvarner shrimp with top local wines.

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The grand opening of the Cres Kaić, which will take place on Monday, May 30, 2022, will be preceded by a shipbuilding workshop under the town lodge, as part of which the old boat will be restored and will be lowered into the sea at the opening.

The program opens with a performance by the Josip Kašman Wind Orchestra, followed by an exhibition by the Cres Italian Community and the Cres Museum, and at 20 pm a restored wooden boat descends into the sea, which is officially a sign of the beginning of this year's Cres Canoe. The first day brings the beginning of the bowling tournament, which is especially attractive to all visitors, since the bowling alley is located just a few meters from the sea, in the center of Cres, and the evening will end with a concert by the klapa Burin.

On Tuesday, May 31, he will sail into the port of Cres traditional ship Nerezinac, which will make a particularly attractive backdrop since it is an open-air museum. Visitors will be entertained by bowling tournaments, brisket and trešeti, while the gastronomic offer will be provided by the Italian Community of Cres, which will offer visitors a tasting of traditional Cres dishes.

Do not miss the Cres Butega, a fair of traditional Cres products and souvenirs, and the evening by the sea will be completed by a concert by klapas Teha and Čikat, who will sing from the open sea, from the deck of the ship Nerezinac.

Wednesday, June 1 brings the acclaimed hit comedy "Casabianca" performed by Mario Lipovšek Battifiaca and Irena Grdinić, and Thursday is marked by the finals of the tournament in bocce, brisket and trešet and a workshop on parchment technique with performances by Cres little majorettes and Trio Asi. The monograph "Lighthouse Libar mali" in honor of the 150th anniversary of the Kovačina lighthouse will also be presented.

Friday, June 3, will mark the arrival and gathering of traditional vessels and the beginning of the inter-county championship of the North Adriatic in underwater ribolthis, but also loud and very attractive to visitors, the Cres Open Championship in “Mori cantadi”, an old island game from Roman times, which will begin at 17:30 p.m. in the Town Lodge. All those interested will be able to learn more about the Life Delfi project and the application for collecting data on marine mammals Marina Ranger, and all events will be accompanied by the preparation and tasting of roasted fish from the farm Orada Adriatic. Another very attractive event for visitors, the tug-of-war competition, will be held on Frane Petrić Square from 20 pm.

Saturday, June 4 brings grand finale this year's Cres kaić. It all starts in the morning with competitions in underwater ribolthis and fishing, while the central event of Cres kaić, a regatta of traditional boats, will start exactly at noon. Irresistible scents will spread through Frane Petrić Square in the afternoon when the Brudetijada begins, a traditional competition in cooking fish broth, and as a good brudet takes time and love, the choice is the best.boljeg brudet and tasting will be held at 19 p.m. A special attraction of the last evening of Cres kaić will be the game of sails and light created by the combination of light show and night sailing of traditional vessels. On Sunday, June 5, Creski kaić will close the Filip Flego Quartet Jazz concert on the kaić.

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Photos: Robert Sablić, source: Cres Tourist Board

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