Amadeo Theater - the first public theater in the city of Zagreb

Amadeo Palace - "House with a dance hall" - built in 1796 by Count Antun Pejačević in today's Demetrova Street on the upper city ramparts. Theatrical performances have been held there since 1797, and the city's first public theater, known as the Amadeus Theater, was housed in the palace from 1807 to 1834.

Amade's Theater was founded in Zagreb in 1797 and operated until 1834, and was named after its founder, the Hungarian Count Anton Amadeus de Varkony, the Grand Prefect of Zagreb.

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Amadeus Theater was a public theater hall, which its owner would rent to the principal of the company with the mostboloffer. Posters, tickets, advertisements and advertisements were printed for theater performances and other performances. The plays in the theater were performed mainly in German, only sometimes in Latin, and in 1832 and 1833 in the Amadeus Theater German actors performed the first public and professional plays in Croatian Kajkavian. It is in that period Dragutin Rakovac translated two comedies into Kajkavian Kotzebue, the Joseph Schweigert - director and actor of the German troupe that was then performing at the Amadeo Theater - he staged plays Old brides and grooms, Vkanjeni Vkanitel i Ztari zaszebni kuchish Petra III. All three plays were performed by German actors who - understandably - were not accustomed to Croatian Kajkavian, so on the poster of the last play they apologized that their "sharp diligence to break“All language barriers.

The Amadeus Theater played the entire German repertoire of standard features of the then Austrian province: dramas, operas, ballets, and a special kind of lighter pieces with singing that would later turn into an operetta called Singing game.

It is an interesting fact that today's Demetrova Street was called Blatna and Kazališna Streets during the Amadeus Theater. The Natural History Collection and Museum Library of the National Museum were moved to the Amadeo Palace in 1869, and today the building

and houses one of the largest museums in Croatia - the Croatian Museum of Natural History, currently closed to visitors due to renovation work.

The Amadeo Club Theater and Music Stage has been held in the atrium of the palace since 2000. With its architecture and acoustics, the atrium space forms a unique framework for theatrical performances and concerts, as well as various multimedia events. For years, the Amadeo stage has been the only Zagreb summer polyvalent stage whose program lasts during July, August and September, and during the season it performs about fifty theater plays, concerts and film screenings.

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