Attractive climbing area Zatoj on Pag ready for new "height catchers"

Za Pag Outdoor we have already heard, and apart from the rocky moon routes of the island of Pag that invite you to run, kayak or bike, climbing on Therefore it is old but in a new guise, a new attractive adrenaline location.

It is old, because it has been there since time immemorial and a strong bora, and people say that earthquakes have formed a vertically placed rock that stands proudly in the nest of the Metajnar Canyon.

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As far back as the XNUMXs, it was a rock caught the eye of a small number of Croatian and Slovenian climbers who set up spits, and the ravages of time spare no one so not even this proud beauty. Dilapidated spits and anchorages have been replaced with new ones for new "height catchers" and are the rehabilitation covered two climbing routes on the southeast side of the tower is also the most attractive due to the ease of access to the very top.

The first rehabilitated direction, "Stigma", consists of two lengths of classified weight 5b and 5a whose total length is 60 meters. Second remedied direction “La Vida Loca” it consists of three lengths of marked weight: 5b, 5c and 5a and a total length the same as the previous 60 meters. In addition to the stated direction, a variant of the first length of the name was repaired “Halfmoon” weight 5b and length 25 meters.

In order to make the descent safer and easier, but also to facilitate movement at the very top of the rock, the main anchorage in the form of a short Via ferrate (installation of anchors) 20 meters long was built. The construction of the said anchorage solved the problem of anchoring on the fragile top and made it possible a more pleasant stay on the rock tower itself which also makes it more attractive to tourists.

Novalja Tourist Board in order to increase the safety of climbers conducted in collaboration Quadruvium doo from Istria rehabilitation of the most endangered climbing routes, and projects of new ones are in preparation.

The Pag Outdoor platform now, in addition to the popular trail, cycling and kayaking, invites you to climb Takoje and offers a spectacular view of Mars in the palm of your hand.

Photos and video: Luka Labinjan

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