An inexhaustible source of stories: meet the top locations of the Varaždin region

Visit Varaždin County and let you enchants with its stories and gives you an unforgettable experience. You will experience the unique atmosphere of old castles and manors, baroque churches and monasteries, hear mystical legends and historical stories about dragons, templars, nymphs or the miraculous transformation of wine into the blood of Christ. Enjoy the best cultural events, international festivals and attractive historical events.

As evidenced by numerous historical remains, life in the Varaždin County took place from prehistory to the present day. In this geographically small area a rich cultural and historical heritage has been preserved and presented. Discover the secrets of the past and let it completely surprise you.


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Find out why Varaždin is said to be "City of angels", "city of bell towers", music and flowers. Meet artists and craftsmen, hospitable hosts. Indulge in pleasure through indigenous gourmet experiences and don’t forget to give it a try Varaždin klipič. Listen music coming from the balconies of Varaždin, and every Saturday in front of the City Hall you will have the opportunity to see an attractive shift of guards of members of the Varaždin Civil Guard, popular "purgars", one of the symbols of Varaždin whose tradition is more than two and a half centuries long.

Varaždinske Toplice

Explore the excavations of the Roman thermal baths, a unique open-air museum, in the area where brave and strong Roman soldiers kissed nymphs with thermal sulfur water. Visit the oldest thermal spa in Croatia - Varaždinske Toplice. And don't forget to try the confectionery delicacy from the golden age of Varaždinske Toplice, Toplica bathing cake.


Visit one of the most attractive and most beautiful Croatian medieval castles - Trakošćan Castle. Learn all about the Thracian fortress Arx Thracorum and the German knights Drachenstein, explore the legends of the dragon and experience the fairytale castle Trakošćan which is grew on the 13th century Dragon Rock fortress.


On a walk through Ivanec go back in history, listen to the rattling of the mills, refresh yourself at one of the many sources of drinking water. Climb to the top of the highest mountain in Hrvatsko zagorje - Ivanščica, and enjoy the wide view provided by one of the lookouts at 1060 meters.


In Lepoglava, discover the valuable legacy of the Pauline order as well as the most famous Baroque artist and Pauline monk Ivan Ranger. Wonderful lace, which they are believed to be brought to Croatia by the Paulines several centuries ago, is a special feature of Lepoglava and its surroundings. In 2009, lacemaking was included in the representative UNESCO list of intangible heritage, and the true art of Lepoglava lacemakers can best be experienced at International Lace Festival which is held every year in September.


If you visit Ludbreg, you will be able to say that you were in the center of the world!! Here you will find interesting historical stories of an inexplicable miracle, old legends and ancient vows. Experience a city of unusually exciting and mystical history.

Novi Marof

The Novo Marof region is ideal a destination for family excursions, hiking and a relaxing stay in nature. Explore old Templar fortifications and medieval legends from the Crusades, visit Pusta Bela and castles in the Bednja river valley, climb Grebengrad and experience an unforgettable view from the massive towers of this mighty fortress, discover what the medieval complex in Čanjevo hides and what secrets Crna Paka hides. take a walk through the park of Erdödy Castle in Novi Marof.

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Cover photo: Sveti Duh i Ivančica / Boris Jagetić Daraboš

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