This year, too, the best are being chosenbolsouvenirs “Gift from Krk”

Souvenirs with the label "Gift from Krk" have been attracting a lot of attention from visitors to the island of Krk for many years, but not only them. This is not surprising, because the Tourist Board of the City of Krk chooses the best with its competitionbolis the idea of ​​a large number of authors and producers, ie legal and natural persons from all over Croatia.

The Tourist Board of the City of Krk has already announced 11th competition for the application of souvenir solutions. If they meet the propositions of the tender, and then the criteria of the Expert Committee, they will be marked with a stamp "Gift from Krk". Each author or producer can apply for a maximum of three solutions, and the selected souvenirs will receive a Certificate of Authenticity.

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The souvenir should reflect the continuity of the artistic, cultural, cultural-historical or cultural heritage of the town and the island of Krk, ie present its tangible, intangible or natural heritage.

Registered souvenirs can be works of art and art objects, arts and crafts and gastronomic products, clothing and utility items, as well as graphic materials and multimedia (photographs and video materials). When it comes to works of art, art objects and arts and crafts it is important that solutions will be of high quality made of environmentally friendly, ie for the island climate characteristic materials.

Souvenirs should be delivered in kind, if necessary in appropriate packaging. It is obligatory to enclose a completed document with them Application form which is an integral part of the competition.

Authenticity, innovation, imagination, quality workmanship, original presentation - packaging, high aesthetic standards, respect for environmental principles and integrity in the achieved recognizability of the city and the island of Krk are some of the criteria for evaluating souvenirs. Timely received decisions will be evaluated by a multi-member Expert Commission appointed by the Tourist Board of the City of Krk.

This year's competition will give priority to souvenirs that interpret the cultural, cultural and tourist values ​​of the island, especially the city of Krk, taking into account their historical heritage, rich architectural, sculptural, painting and archaeological heritage and the uniqueness of their natural surroundings.

Souvenirs "Gift from Krk" - emphasis on the island's flora

Guided by the latter prominent category, ie the perception of the city and the island of Krk as an unavoidable outdoor destination that presents its visitors with attractive research challenges related to staying in untouched nature, the emphasis is placed on embracing creative challenges inspired by the colors, scents (or flavors) of the island's flora.

The island of Krk, therefore, given the dynamism of the relief (taking into account the sea and turquoise bays, picturesque lakes and ponds, dense forests and fertile fields or rocky, completely barren altitude areas) calls for exploration, with all the senses, and one of The most important component of its overall identity is the rich flora, otherwise the common name for all plant species, genera and families, and which, since the early 19th century, has been practiced by many renowned botanists.

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The basis for this can be found in the fact that the island flora brings together about 1.400 species of terrestrial plants, or almost half of the total flora of Croatia. The botanical image of the island is certainly recognizable by vineyards, revitalized olive groves or the increasingly popular fig as one of the most valuable Mediterranean fruits.

Therefore, it can be inspired by the visual, tactile or nutritional characteristics of these cultures. Indispensable and wild, mostly medicinal, herbs such as immortelle, sage, rosemary, violet, asparagus, laurel, wormwood, yarrow or broom, which turns the island into a real fragrant oasis. Their value, however, lies not only in the aromatherapy properties but also in the way they paint the Krk landscape with their colors and textures. Golden yellow fields of immortelle and broom, purple sage and rosemary flowers, snow-white yarrow or unusual forms of wild asparagus are just some of the motifs that call for thought and creation.

Let us mention in the context of this topic the forest of ancient medunac oaks above the bay of Čavlen. It preserves the most monumental and oldest island oak, then Barbaš's lazarkinja, an endemic plant that grows exclusively on Krk, more precisely in the area of ​​Baška or Krk dandelion, a recently discovered new species of dandelion, another Croatian endemic… But this is only a small part of Krk's flora and which, along with primordial media such as wood or straw, can serve as a source of inspiration and creativity.

The competition runs until March 21

Considering the completeness of the registered solutions, the Expert Commission will make a decision on the selection of souvenirs that will acquire the right to wear the Dar stamp from Krk. All selected souvenirs will be presented through a specially designed internet platforms. In addition to photographs, basic information about each souvenir will be available there, including the name, information about the author or manufacturer, and contact. All selected souvenirs will also be presented at the traditional, retrospective exhibition MI.22, which is being organized in the autumn at the Decumanus Gallery in Krk.

Suggestions for souvenirs with a completed application form are required no later than March 21st 2022, in person or by mail, deliver to the following address:

Krk Tourist Board
Vela Placa 1/1
51500 Krk
with an indication: for the 11th competition for the application of souvenir solutions.

The competition is open from today, January 19, until March 21, 2022. More information can be found on the website Tourist boards of the City of Krk and the City of Krk.

Photos: Krk Tourist Board

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