Annual on two wheels: The most beautiful bike trails on our coast

Thanks to a very interesting geographical position, Croatia is an increasingly desirable destination for outdoor activities and adventure tourism with rich outdoor activities, and all those who prefer an active holiday with their pet on two wheels will be delighted by the bike paths along our coast, many of which are adorned with views of the blue and our beautiful coast. Let's explore them together!

Bicycle paths in Istria

The most famous Croatian peninsula, with its beautiful green interior and the sea that surrounds it, is a real challenge for all lovers of adventure and cycling. Recreational cyclists and nature lovers can choose one of six roundabouts and 12 MTB routes. One of the routes passes through the town of Rabac, where a park with bicycle paths, a family path and a more demanding enduro path have been built.

Cycling Labin / Rabac

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Cycling becomes more demanding the closer you get to the eastern coast of Istria, but believe me, when you see a view of the beautiful landscape, you will know that the effort paid off handsomely.

All trails in this part of Istria are technically demanding and require experience and physical preparation because they have a lot of ups and downs, and they are mostly longer in length.

Na Labin region there are several trails, and one of the most famous is the trail from Gračišće to Rabac and from Labina to the Wanderers - a trail called Bella Vista, 33 kilometers long. This trail is moderately demanding - at 23 kilometers you drive on asphalt, and the rest is a white road, which is paved and well maintained.

Star Trek (131)

The name "Zvjezdana" was given to this trail because of the famous Višnjan observatory, which has been operating there for more than 30 years, ie in Tićan, where its new observatory is located.

Start and end Star Trek is in the center of Visnjan, on the square in front of the municipal hall where the first telescope used to be. This tour is not very demanding, so it can be driven by both younger and less experienced drivers.

Trail of good tastes and experiences (102)

The bike trail "Trail of good tastes and experiences" is 30 kilometers long and is connected to several other trails, so if you go on it, pay special attention to the placed signs so as not to make a wrong turn. This is a trail where you will really enjoy everything that its name suggests - good tastes and experiences as it leads to an area rich in agritourism, wine and olive oil roads with many cultural monuments and unexplored historical sites.

The beginning of the trail is from the lookout point which is located at the very entrance of the former narrow-gauge railway Parenzana.

Ancient Roman Road (111)

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This trail is named after the historical the Roman road Via Flavia which it partially passes. A nice family round trip starts from the square in Kaštelir, in front of the office of the tourist board, nearby Church of St. Cosmas and Damian of 1908, heading east.

A longer drive through the woods will give you a break from the heat in these summer months and bring you to Rogovići, from where you climb slightly back to the center of Kaštelir (11 kilometers northeast of Poreč).  

Jure Grando bike trail in central Istria

Last year he was in Kringa, in the municipality of Tinjan (where the start is located) Jure Grando bike path presented (Istria bike number 618). It is a bicycle circular path length 27,7 kilometers with 330 meters altitude difference.

The first part of the trail it leads through a well-maintained macadam path, which is also a pedestrian path, and after approximately 600 meters you come to a more demanding descent, which leads directly to the foot of the ravine. The ride then continues on mostly flat terrain with dirt ground and forest paths, approximately seven kilometers all the way to the ascent, which is a wide macadam road in the length of 4,3 kilometers, leads to Barat.

In the area of ​​Barata, the trail passes through forest and macadam roads over Rajkova Stancija to the asphalt local road Kringa - Radetići in the length of 200 meters in order to turn again onto the macadam road leading to the village of Hrvatini. In place Croats we turn a short part on the local road Kringa - Sv. Lovreč, which we leave after 100 meters and through the villages Gregorci and Pavletići we go along the forest and macadam road towards Jelovci and Piškova Stancija, then towards Vitasi and Pajci where entering the macadam road there is a slight ascent, about 2,5 kilometers long. until his return to Kring.

In addition to the above, in Istria, cycling enthusiasts will find their way to Vodnjan - a historic town that it is becoming an increasingly desirable place of pilgrimage for many believers from Croatia and Europe, a on foot i cycling paths in Vodnjan they are arranged so that recreation becomes an exciting adventure of discovering historical puzzles.

For example, circular bicycle path 327 Kažuni and dry stone walls will take you to discover the church on the trail itself or not far from the trail along with some of the most beautiful examples of dry stone Istrian kazuns.

Rent an MTB bike and explore central Istria

For all those who are attracted by the idea of ​​exploring central Istria, you can do so in Pazin, where it is available E-bike share system for renting and charging electric bicycles. The system, which was set up two years ago, includes an energy-independent system of public rental of electric bicycles to customers with the addition of a small bicycle service station and information stations for all cyclists.

There is also a separate charger for visitors' private bicycles, and it is compatible with other charging stations located in the area of ​​central Istria in Tinjan, Cerovlje and Gračišće.

Rent an MTB bike and set out to explore the hilly trails of central Istria. In addition to the already mentioned bottling plants, rest areas are set in Sveti Lovreč, Grimaldi and on the Parenzana trail.

To make it easier for you to decide which of the many bike paths to take, two bike maps have been made that cover the area. It's the first Buzet-Motovun-Pazin which, among other things, unites the Trail of Good Tastes and Experiences, the Trail of Waterfalls, From Pond to Pond and the Supetar Postcard. On another map Pazin-Žminj-Svetvinčenat there are the Waterfall Trail, From Pond to Pond, Supetar Postcard and San Lorenzo.

You can also use interactive bike map, and was made and road bike map for the area of ​​the whole of Istria, which quite justifiably bears the title of peninsula cyclist.

Trails on the island of Rab

Rab is excellent island for discovery by bicycle. With more than 340 kilometers of bike paths, with beautiful scenery and secluded beaches, is perfect for cycling.

The island of Rab is famous for sandy beaches, picturesque coves, warm and shallow sea. He is also known for being one of the hosts of four stage MTB races together with the islands of Krk, Cres and Lošinj. In the five days of the race, participants cover about 300 kilometers. 

For example, there you will come across the Frux Trail - a true masterpiece of drywall construction. This trail is 6,5 kilometers long and connects Lopar and Supetarska Draga and works in both directions, and is intended pedestrians and MTB cyclists. Passing through it, along with archeologically significant areas, you will come across drywall which indicate the intensive economic use of this extremely fertile and water-rich area in the past.

Trails on the Crikvenica Riviera

In the Crikvenica-Vinodol area, you can expect a total of approximately 300 kilometers of various bike trails, some of which are suitable for recreational cyclists, while others are more demanding and represent a challenge and a unique experience for top athletes and competitors in various cycling races.

They are there Blue (recreational), Green (sports) and Brown trail (circular), Carmine trail - Lily trail, Viola trail and Yellow trail - View trail. For those who just want to enjoy nature, but combine the pleasant with the useful and be active - there is a flat part of the Vinodol valley and the island of Krk.

Pleasant and mild climate, a combination of clean sea and mountain air, kilometers of promenades, bicycle and hiking trails provide numerous opportunities for relaxation and activities by the sea and in the green hinterland Crikvenica Riviera, at any time of the year. 

Krka National Park: Most bicycle paths in Croatia

Over 470 kilometers arranged cycling routes that pass through untouched nature, are the reason why Krka National Park one of the favorite destinations of lovers of active holidays. The most attractive parts of the park are connected by 14 routes of varying degrees of difficulty. There are five mountain bike routes, three road routes and six track routes for a pleasant family ride.

The most willing adventurers will definitely opt for "Royal route" 95,1 kilometers long, which begins in front of the Park Branch Office in Skradin, passes through the towns of Rupe and Kistanje, and ends in the pearl of ancient history, the Roman military camp Burnum. On the way back to Skradin, it descends twice into the Krka river canyon, to the Brljan and Roški waterfalls, and after the visitor center in Laškovica, which is the center of a network of hiking trails and bike routes along the river Krk, returns to Skradin by the same route. The shortest cycling route, 8,6 km long, from Skradin along the Krk upstream leads to Skradinski buk, the most beautiful and most visited waterfall on the river Krka.

The prescribed signalization has been set up on the routes, and maps with detailed descriptions, photographs, maps and GPS coordinates of the routes are available to visitors. Movement center in Laškovica, above Roški slap, is the starting point for active types of visits in the middle course of the Krka, and thus partly for cycling routes. Read more about cycling routes in the Krka National Park on the LINK.

Interactive map of Peljesac

As part of the project development “Outdoor Peljesac”, it was made last year interactive map hiking, biking and hiking trails Peljesac.

It is currently on the map five circular mountain bike routes 184 kilometers long and six hiking routes total length 39 kilometers. Additional widenings of the routes are planned, as well as the addition of catering facilities and wineries to the map so that guests can easily find their way around the area and get to know the complete offer of Pelješac. Peljesac is rich in wineries and traditional taverns and restaurants, so the combination of outdoors and traditional flavors is quite natural.

On the map you can see information about the weight of the route, the type of surface, description, photos and you can download the GPX track that can be used in various mobile applications and smartwatches. There is also a link for the mobile application on the map OsmAnd, as a suggestion. Otherwise, the app is free to download and works offline.

The map shows a total of five mountain bike circular routes with a length of 184 kilometers and six hiking routes with a total length of 39 kilometers. 

Link to interactive map of Peljesac HR version on LINK, EN version of LINK.

Road to the Moon from Baška on the island of Krk

Baška is increasingly developing as a top outdoor destination which, with two MTBs
bicycle routes (the path to the Moon and the Portafortuna track), also offers an 11-kilometer route Zarok-Draga Bašćanska for beginners, recreationists and families with children, 90 kilometers of groomed and marked hiking trails, three climbing areas, a zip line and sea sports such as parasailing, surfing and sailing.

"Road to the Moon"

On the first part of the trail "Road to the Moon" is the church of St. John the Baptist, in front of which you will find a lookout point where some of the most recognizable photographs of Baška were taken. From here there is a stunning view of the Baška valley, the island of Prvić, the blue sea and one of theboland Baška - Vela beach. For almost three kilometers, the promenade passes through a forested area that leads to a karst and rocky completely bare plateau known as the "Moon Plateau".

If you want more challenges, you can continue along the promenade "Road to the Moon" towards Hlam, a peak located at 461 meters above sea level and offers the opportunity to enjoy even more far-reaching views. If you decide to go all the way from Baška to Hlam, you will find about seven kilometers of moderately demanding trails, and the walk will take about three hours.

The entire length of the promenade is followed by a cycling route and whether you decide to walk or bike "to the moon", do not forget to bring a camera because around every corner you will find a unique view of untouched nature that you will remember forever.

Cover photo: Ivan Sardi

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