Autumn in Istria with Teran Wine&Walk and Wind&Walk by the Sea

Autumn in northwestern Istria will once again be enriched by two highly anticipated and popular wine events: Teran Wine&Walk in Motovun and Wine&Walk by the Sea in Novigrad.

Wine&Walk Istria

U Saturday, September 30th a manifestation is scheduled Teran Wine&Walk, which will introduce visitors to the wines of eight top local winemakers on a 12-kilometer long trail: Roxanich, Novak, Fakin, Valenta, Fachin, Benvenuti, Bertoša and Tomaz. Visitors will thus taste teran at numerous refreshment stations, whose importance for Motovun and its surroundings is priceless, but also other varieties of award-winning local winemakers such as Malvasia, Muscat and Cabernet Sauvignon. At the same time, all visitors will enjoy the charms of this most attractive Istrian medieval town, which always fascinates with its cultural and natural beauty, but also in the rich gastronomic offer of local caterers, among which will be Miro truffles, Konoba Fakin, Konoba Pod voltom, Roxanich, Hunting Association "Pheasant". Motovun.

The start is scheduled in the morning at the Winery & Design Hotel Roxanich, from where the route leads to the popular Parenzana with a wonderful view of Motovun and the Mirna river valley, where the first stop is located. Through picturesque vineyards, the path leads to the village of Bataji, where the second stop, the Fakin winery, is located, all the way to the top of Monte Šandrin, which is also the third stop of the Teran Wine&Walk. The road continues to the town of Brkač, known for its archaeological finds, and the fourth stop, the Fachin winery in the town of Rodeli. Arriving at the top of the Šublenta hill, where the fifth refreshment station is located, you reach the final part of the trail, which includes a visit to the sixth refreshment station, the Tomaz winery, and the return to the Roxanich winery, which is the last stop of this wine tour.

Wine&Walk Istria

- Last year's premiere edition had a great response, and the positive comments and praises of the participants further encouraged us to continue on this path. This year's range of winemakers at Teran Wine&Walk will be, like last year, at an enviable level, and visitors will be presented with winemakers who have a total of 19 medals from this year's Decanter, the world's largest wine judging competition. I believe that this is a great opportunity for all Terran lovers, as well as those who will soon become one, to enjoy all the charms of Motovun., he said David Matković, director of the Motovun Municipality Tourist Board. 

Win&Walk by the Sea

Two weeks after Motovun, on Saturday, October 14, the fifth edition will be held Wine&Walk by the Sea in Novigrad. 

Wine&Walk Istria
Photo: COI

The 10-kilometer long wine walk starts in the morning in front of the magnificent Benedictine monastery in Dajla and follows the path along the sea to Mareda, Kastania and all the way to Karpinjan. The walk continues in the hinterland of Novigrad, passing through beautiful vineyards and olive groves back to Dajla. Along the path, every kilometer to two, walkers will be greeted by seven refreshment stations with well-respected local winemakers, as well as a gastronomic offer. Thus, Degrassi, Demark, Vino Ghira, Moreno Ivančić, Leonardo Palčić, Pervino and Veralda will present their top wine offer, while taverns and restaurants Half 8, Kod Marice, Konoba Nino, La Taverna, Aminess Maestral, and the popular food truck Poluotok will prepare culinary delicacies based on meat and fish that will go well with the wine offer.

-Wine&Walk by the Sea is an excellent example of an event where we promote the local wine and gastronomic offer and the beauty of Novigrad, all with a pleasant autumn walk by the sea. This event is ideal for everyone who wants to get to know the offer of excellent and award-winning local winemakers, and at the same time enjoy nature and recreation. This year it will be held for the fifth time and I am extremely glad that every year it attracts numerous guests from Croatia, but also from abroad such as Slovenia, Italy, Austria and Germany. I invite everyone to join us this year and enjoy the autumn colors and flavors of Novigrad, she pointed out Vesna Ferenac, director of the Tourist Board of the City of Novigrad-Cittanova. 

Wine&Walk Istria
Photo: COI

These successful wine events are part of the offer of the Northwestern Istria Cluster - an association of the Tourist Boards of Umag, Novigrad, Brtonigla, Buje, Motovun, Grožnjan, Oprtlje and tourist companies Plava Laguna and Aminess Hotels & Resorts - which, through various events and interesting content throughout the year, offers local and for foreign visitors, the reason for coming, and most importantly, returning to the destination. 

Photos: COI


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