Become a miller for one day in Međimurje

In Međimurje you can become a miller for one day, take a ferry ride along the Mura River and visit the only navigable mill in this area. Especially attractive is the walk along the river Mura on the newly renovated eco-tourist educational pedestrian and bicycle path "St. Martin's Wall" in the length of 4850 meters with 20 points marked with interpretive panels that in an interesting and instructive way show the natural and cultural phenomena of the northernmost Croatian region.

U Saint Martin on the Mura, more precisely the settlement Frogman, at the northernmost point of the Republic of Croatia, within the famous Mlinar land, there is the only navigable mill in this area, scaffolding, "Mill House" and a very interesting ethnographic collection "One day in the life of miller Franc Žalar".

The ethnographic collection is presented through an interactive display, a combination of multimedia and classical display. It tells the story of a miller's day from dawn to late evening, the old craft of milling and the life of a miller, as well as life along the Mura River.

It introduces you to the rich Mura mill area 3D movie which shows what thoughts and events a miller encountered waking up in the dark to perform his duties in time.

In part, with the mind of a miller, explore everything about the Mura and its composition, its inhabitants and the plant world. You can touch the cereal, smell it and grind the grain.

You can explore the types of grains in the collection, listen Međimurje songs and using 3D glasses to discover the legend of Mura girl. If you have questions about life along the Mura, the collection will answer them in a very interesting and specific way. With all this you will have a good time and learn various interesting things about our region.

Part of the collection "One day in the life of miller Franc Žalar" is also a floor projection that creates the feeling of walking in the shallows of the river.

With an easy step you can try to catch one of the fish and have fun jumping on water lilies, regardless of age.

After visiting Mlinar's house and ethnographic collection, the next point should be alone mlin. Namely, here you can enjoy the magical nature by the river Mura, sightseeing the only floating mill in the area and take a ferry ride along the Mura River or enjoy the newly renovated eco-tourist educational walking and cycling trail.


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