Tourist story of Međimurje: Between two waters

What is a corpse, does Međimurje have its cod, why is it important to preserve bregunice, who are marls, what does the legend of the Drava aqueduct tell about, who are the flycatchers, which tropical-looking bird flies through Međimurje, part of the curiosity interpreted by the Visitor Center Between two waters and which gives answers to these, but also numerous other questions about the coexistence of man and nature in the space between the two waters.

The center is located in the former overhaul of Count Feštetić and at the entrance there are photographs and historical data from the end of the 19th century. Apart from the history of the places in the Center, there is a great emphasis on the protected area in Međimurje County and there is talk about the Mura-Drava Regional Park, which stretches from Međimurje all the way to Kopački Rit ”, explained Mihaela Mesarić, a nature conservationist and interpreter who took us through the Center and introduced us to the beauties of Međimurje.

The visitor center Med dvemi vodami, which has been operating within the Public Institution for Nature Protection Međimurska priroda for just over two months, is located in the far north of the Republic of Croatia in the settlement of Križovec, which administratively belongs to the town of Mursko Središće. Museological gem of the Visitor Center Between two waters it is imbued with love for Međimurje's natural heritage and the need to preserve the native nature.

Take a walk with us through the Med dvemi vodami Visitor Center, find out interesting and fascinating stories, told to us by the interpreter Mihaela Mesarić, a nature conservationist and interpreter.

On the ground floor of the Center there are two modernly equipped galleries with a permanent interpretation display and a souvenir shop and an entrance info desk. There is an interpretive log cabin in the vicinity of the Center My oak Adam in which you can see even an imposing specimen of a hornet's nest, and in front of the Center there is a modern themed playground called Small river because of its interesting shape and arrangement.


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