The Black Stork Visitor Center won the prestigious design award

Projects Black Stork Visitor Center is the winner Grand awards of the Croatian Design Society, which was awarded at the opening ceremony biennial Exhibitions of Croatian design 21/22 on Tuesday at Laubi - a home for people and art in Zagreb.

For this project, which is the client Public institution Lonjsko Polje Nature Park product design signs Clinic studio, and architecture Roth and Cerina.

Osekovo Black Stork Center was opened last year for visitors of the Lonjsko Polje Nature Park as the fourth visitor center of the Park located in Osekov and thus became the closest entrance for visitors traveling from the direction of Zagreb.

The center's permanent display explains to visitors the key natural phenomena of this protected area and the specifics of the coexistence of man and nature. Through a combination of mechanical and multimedia exhibits, author's illustrations, reliefs, engravings and sculptural installations, a complete story of the dynamic balance of life is interpreted. Lonjsko polje.

The project consists of two buildings connected by an educational park and three viewpoints. The buildings are built from natural materials in accordance with the morphology of local construction, and from the rhythm of the continuous linear oak planks grow spatial elements through which the wooden interior becomes the basis for specific exhibits in the function of interpretation.

In addition to the fact that the construction of the center created a new place of contemporary architecture and design to improve the socio-cultural dimension of the life of the local population, the project is also an excellent example of strengthening continental tourism in Croatia.

As part of the visitor center, there is an info center, a hall, an educational park and a sanitary facility. The info center includes an info desk with basic information about the Park and a souvenir shop on the ground floor, as well as offices and a space for work meetings on the upper floor. The multimedia hall is intended for work and the development of various educational contents. On the first floor, there is a permanent gallery display and mobile panels, which form an integral part of the gallery fence and will be used for occasional exhibitions. The educational park has the role of an interactive educational trail and is a place for visitors to rest.

A modern and contemporary designed space reveals all the secrets of Lonjsko polje, and educates the youngest about the protected area in a fun and interactive way. This modern visitor center additionally attracts visitors, and through a modern and contemporary way they learn about nature protection.

The architecture of the visitor center sensitively approaches the specific situation encountered, creating an unobtrusive and respectful dialogue with place and time. The design of the permanent exhibition, which includes interpretation, excellent illustrations, design of multimedia and subject exhibits and furniture, and graphic processing of the entire space, continues this measured approach, achieving a harmonious multi-tactile whole.

By the way, the Exhibition of Croatian Design is the central and most important professional design event in Croatia, which brings together the highest quality design works created during a two-year period in all areas of design activity.

As many as 573 works were submitted to this year's exhibition, of which the Selection Committee chose 324, of which 258 were professional works and 66 were student works. So far - since the first edition of the Exhibition of Croatian Design held in 1999 - this is the largest number of submitted works, but also the most extensive selection made as part of this biennial exhibition project.

The exhibition of Croatian design can be visited until January 22 in Lauba – House for People and Art in Zagreb, or online on this LINK.

Photo: Croatian Photo Association


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