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To travel is to live - said Hans Christian Andersen.

If you recognize yourself in this sentence, love to travel and explore, we invite you to become a travel blogger for the new tourist lifestyle portal Tourist Stories.

Our tourism now needs the greatest support and help, and the very meaning of the portal and the main guiding thread is the promotion of tourist destinations and Croatia as a tourist destination. Tourism are stories, and we want to tell all our stories. If you want to write travel stories - contact us at

PS The number of bloggers and contributors is limited

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Our bloggers

The authentic blog describes how through travel and the interaction of people, places and products, we can learn something about tourism and a sustainable perspective
Rujana Lukač has visited over 40 world destinations and through blogs she describes her experiences and personal stories that could be interesting to readers. Through his first-hand experience, he will write about many other interesting topics from the tourism world, which could be applied in our country.
Jelena is a local fox - a licensed tourist guide! Your new best friend in Gorski Kotar. Whether you are a travel agency, group or individual, if you are planning to wander around the Green Heart of Croatia - you need it in a team. He makes a plan for finding his way around the best and most famous places, as well as along the most beautiful hidden paths. It gives you information about working hours, prices and recommendations, where to eat, drink, walk… He can hang out with you during the day, and with classic conversations about flora, fauna, natural and cultural sights you will hear some stories and learn some legends.
Publicist and tourism specialist, scientist in the thematic area of ​​destination management and marketing, academic entrepreneur with a number of realized but even more initiated conceptual projects in tourism and sustainable development ... (waiting for better days ..) Current project ACADEMIC TOURIST GASTRO CLUB (CLUSTER) SV JURE and social entrepreneurship through the activities of the Association of Croatian Veterans DR DALMATIAN STONE
A great lover of nature (a little less of society) especially interested in ecology and sustainable tourism, but also many other topics. Stationery of the Agroklub portal where, as much as possible, I try to process stories from rural tourism. It is time to reposition Croatian tourism, let's do our best to make it happen as soon as possible. And that's why I'm here - to contribute to many wonderful stories that will attract some new tourists.
Mario Jukić is a licensed tourist guide, also trained to provide tourist services in nature, leading kayak and canoe tours, and a blogger, initiator and editor-in-chief of the portal for the pleasure of living HEDONISM TOURISM. In his stories and reports, he tries to bring the hidden corners of Slavonia and Baranja closer to the general public and motivate them to visit them themselves.
An active runner and an even more active tourist. The initiator of racing tourism in Croatia and the owner of the first travel agency in Croatia for the World Travel Travel marathons. "Running" through a destination is not necessarily a bad thing, because in that race we can always explore the segment of more that is offered to us. By writing this blog I want to connect runners with a destination, and also show destinations that runners are great guests and by coming to racing races loud promoters who are always welcome!
Hello and welcome to our travel stories! My name is Marijana Vujnović, I am a graduate student at the Faculty of Political Science and I am a big fan of untold stories, emotions, memories, legends, adventure tourism and people who talk about them with great passion. Therefore, I am extremely glad to be a part of this team that will bring you interesting stories from various parts. Until reading!
Hi everyone! My name is Vesnaaaaa 🙂 and for the last few years I have been working as a tour guide under the name Mons Claudius Guide. Why Mons Claudius, you will find out in a blog intended for both tourists and future travel guides. By the way, I am a fan of Moslavina, Bilogora and Papuk, and through my tourist story I will take you to these idyllic and undiscovered destinations of continental Croatia. I recommend their beautiful nature and picturesque villages for an escape from the hectic everyday life or for an active vacation - the idea is many. I will write about all of them in my blog, and if you decide to use them and need advice or a guide, write. And when I'm already writing, then at the same time I would like to try to show you who are planning to become a guide why they consider us ambassadors of this diverse phenomenon called tourism and what we all encounter in practice. I wish you an interesting and enjoyable reading. Welcome!
Everywhere you look around you is hiding a story. Original and unique. And writing is a wonderful tool by which these stories are revealed in words, perhaps more easily than with the naked eye. Even when you live in a place that inspires you with its stories and beauty at every step, then you know that there are many blank and unprinted pages that can hardly wait to be filled with their content. I want you to enjoy reading my blogs, but also to start discovering inspiring stories in your own environment that are literally "in front of your nose" 🙂
I am a graduate economist and teacher of tourism subjects at the School of Tourism, Catering and Trade in Pula. My husband and I run family accommodation in Labin (Old Town) - Lemechi Casa San Marco and in Rabac Lemechi Casa Girasole Apartments. I am the Deputy President of the Family Accommodation Section of the Istrian County. I love to travel and when providing accommodation to meet our guests from all over the world.
Krešimir Herceg is the author of the innovative cycling tourism product Bikademy, and the most famous street art festival VukovArt.
If only it wasn't boring! This is roughly what my life looks like. Various interests and primarily a love of discovery and learning, keep my head above water even in the most difficult moments. As a master of history and a tour guide, I am constantly researching something, and like a parrot I repeat that we are not aware of what we have in the palm of our hand. On that track and full of optimism, I started writing a story, which I hope will encourage some of you to explore and get to know your own country in more detail. The more we discover, the more we appreciate. The more we value, the more we cherish. So I hope that together and in this way, we will contribute to the preservation of the riches that adorn every corner of Croatia.
I graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Tourism, univ.bacc.oecc. and defended the course Tourism and Culture. Also a high school of tourism, he is a tourist technician. Training for a heritage interpreter is underway. I work in tourism, currently health, I collaborated in marketing in the organization as a coordinator of religious and spiritual tourism, otherwise I work in finance. I am a lover of art, history, culture, tradition and religion. Tourism and tourist stories are my life. Since my teenage days I wanted to become a tourist guide and work in tourism. I am interested in culture and tourism, experience tourism, creative tourism, storytelling, heritage interpretation, storytelling, writing and promoting the destinations of my region and others through natural beauty, tradition ... the secrets of all these beautiful places. My goal is to pass on and preserve the heritage that we inherited from our ancestors from language, script, story ... Discover..How? Reading my blogs
Sandra Vukoja was born in Slavonski Brod where she lives and works. She is a professional storyteller for children and adults and an educator in the field of storytelling and speaking, with a master's degree in primary education. He is a guest in numerous kindergartens, schools, libraries and festivals throughout Croatia. She is the president of the association for the promotion of the culture of speaking and creative creativity "Vilinput" and one of the founders of the Croatian Storytelling Festival. She loves to read, write, narrate, fantasize and travel. If you want to learn more about her and her work, you can at the link:
Vedrana Juričić, guide and tourist guide for Istria, Primorje-Gorski Kotar, Lika-Senj, Split-Dalmatia, Zagreb County and Zagreb. An art historian, professor of Italian and lover of Greece.
Miriam Kelečić left Bratislava a few years ago and started a new life in Croatia on the island of Vir. The "culprit" for her life change is a runner on mountain trails, Željko Kelečić, with whom she has a beautiful daughter. She was a successful manager in Bratislava and is now one of the biggest promoters of Vir as a tourist destination.
Stories about Frankopans, princes and princesses, their estates and towns, old castles and forts, monasteries and churches they built, the roads they walked, the battles they fought and the lives they lived through six centuries, constantly encourage me to travel, research and the writings I want to share with you as a traveler and writer.