Bol on Brač: Zlatni rat beach is getting longer every year

Bol on the island of Brač is known for the beach Zlatni rat, which is unique in the world and with good reason we call it SymBOL of the Adratic. The beach stretches almost half a kilometer vertically into the sea, and it is interesting how the tip of the famous beach is constantly changing.

Namely, the shape depends on the influence of waves and sea currents. These same currents and wind are responsible for the shape-shifting phenomenon of the Golden War. The top of Zlatni rat is slightly bent to the west, a little to the east, and unfortunately sometimes a small pool is made. Because of all this, it is called and protected by law as an important landscape.

That is why this beach is always different and it is not surprising that it is Bowl the most desirable destination of our coast. The Golden War is a unique phenomenon. Scientists explain how it was created by the influence of several factors - erosion from the nearby Vidova gora and the deposition of silt around the ridge, which was caused by sea currents and waves over the years.

Zlatni rat
Photo: Julien Duval

The measurements showed that the Golden War getting longer every year. The total area of ​​the cemetery is 19.900 square meters, and the forested part is 8.600 square meters. At Zlatni Rat, vineyards and fig trees were once planted almost to the very shore of the sea.

Zlatni rat beach is two kilometers away from the center of Bol. As many as 4000 bathers is the capacity of the beach whose pictures have traveled all over the world. The promenade to the beach is paved, and the Golden War can be reached by boat or tourist train.

Video from Youtube channel Frane Marinkovic - #CroatianHiddenTreasure

According to some chroniclers and historical sources, the original name of the Golden War was the Long War, that is, as it was called Boljani called - Rôt. According to some stories, the "Golden War" did not get its name because of its color, but because of the rich catch of fish, which was the main source of income for the people of Boljan, along with wine production. The Golden War was worth its weight in gold, just as it is today.

Dragons and sometimes snow descended on him

View of Zlatni Rat beach from Vidova Gora, Brac, Croatia Photo: TZG Supetra

Dragons in the Golden War were once a normal occurrence, not the mythical ones though. Namely, once upon a time, adrenaline-seeking adventurers used to descend with kites 780 meters high Views above, which towers over the Golden War. Due to the safety of bathers, this adventure is prohibited today.

Zlatni rat is one of the few Croatian beaches that are sometimes whitened by snowflakes. It is a sight that cannot be forgotten and this phenomenon is interesting because Brač is one of the sunniest areas of Lipa naše with almost 2700 hours of sunshine per year.

Zlatni rat is a favorite place for swimmers and surfers from all over the world. This paradise beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Croatian coast, and at the same time the most recognizable sight of Bol and Brač.

Cover photo: Julien Duval


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