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The Amalfi Coast is one of Italy's most attractive destinations, but it's not easy to get to. That is about to change as Salerno Costa d'Amalfi Airport opens as a commercial airport with flights departing in July 2024.

Amalfi, Italy

Pastel-colored villages and terraced cliffs surrounded by lemon groves on Italy's Amalfi Coast attract the eye five million tourists per year.

Natural beauties

The easiest way to get to towns like Amalfi and Positano is to fly into Naples airport and then take a combination of trains and buses to get to your final destination.

Therefore, travelers will be glad to hear that from this summer it will be easier to reach the region located on UNESCO list world heritage.

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The island is adorned with a magnificent mountain range rising from the turquoise waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, with colorful villages perched on its slopes. In Amalfi you can admire historical sights, romantic hideaways, a beautiful beach and natural beauties wherever you turn.


Salerno Costa d'Amalfi Airport is located 45 kilometers southeast of the city of Amalfi and 21 kilometers from Salerno, which is currently used as another entry point where visitors arrive by train and transfer to local buses.

The airfield was built way back in 1926 and for years served as a military airport, then for a flight school, as a fire station and a private airport. For commercial flights was opened in 2007, but in 2016 it was completely closed.

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The runway has now been extended, and work is underway on the new passenger terminal, which will be completed by 2027.

Commercial flights

Spanish low-cost airline Volotea will launch commercial flights from Salerno Costa d'Amalfi Airport July 11, 2024. The company has already announced four services linking the coast with Cagliari, Verona and Catania in Italy and Nantes in France.

Flights to Nantes and Cagliari will start in July, while flights to Verona and Catania are expected to start in September. The authorities state that development of the airport will continue until 2043, by which time the airport hopes to handle around six million passengers a year.

The project has been welcomed by tourism and hospitality businesses along the coast, but there are also concerns about the impact of an increase in the number of visitors on the area's infrastructure and natural environment.

Devastating earthquake and tsunami

The coastline along the spectacular Amalfi Coast near Naples is aptly recognized as one of the most beautiful in the world. Therefore, it is not surprising how it is protected by UNESCO.

Amalfi, Italy

Since the 7th century, the city of Amalfi itself was actually a powerful and important maritime republic with its own fleet of ships. However, it was destroyed in 14th century in an earthquake with a subsequent tsunami when most of the city sank into the sea. As a result, today's population is only one-tenth of the original 70.000 inhabitants.


Despite its sad history, there are still many sights from Amalfi's glory days that are worth visiting. The most prominent is the early Christian cathedral of St. Andrew - Cattedrale di Sant'Andrea – with its beautiful Byzantine doors that can be reached via an impressive staircase.

Leaving the pleasant shade of the cathedral, you can get lost in the narrow streets full of small fountains, refresh yourself with homemade lemonade and buy a souvenir along the way. Before leaving, it's worth visiting a famous handicraft shop that exudes history - La Scuderia del Duca.

Amalfi, Italy


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