Brač bonsai: Miniature Dalmatian black pine natural monument

Almost 200 years from the stone roof of the church of St. Petra in Nerežišće grows a miniature Dalmatian black pine. This is an interesting phenomenon that was recorded in the magazine "Nature" from 1937. It was written in the magazine at the time that "Every foreigner who comes to Nerežišća, does not fail to visit this attraction and record it as a memory." This celebrated tree makes Brač bonsai and today it is a real tourist attraction.

The church was built in the 15th century according to available data in 1413. Borić, which has become a tourist attraction, is stunted and small precisely because of the poor conditions in which it arose. According to the old method of construction, the type of clay soil mixed with lime as a binder material enabled the pine to survive because it feeds exclusively on moisture and food between the apse slabs, but also from the thick walls of the church. When the church was renovated fifteen years ago, the apse was not touched so that the pine tree would not be endangered.

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Boric is also on the roof of the church in Nerezisce a monument of nature and as such it has been protected since 1969. Nerežišća is a place of economic momentum. In addition to traditional sheep farming, the people of Nerež have turned to the development of the stone industry from picking to stone processing, construction, trade and agricultural crops, and giving the green light to tourism.

Along with the most popular Croatian beach Zlatni rat, this tree is the most frequently photographed motif on the island of Brač.

This is one of the most popular photos: Star trails above the legendary pine tree on the roof of the church of St. Peter and Paul in Nerežišće. The photo published on its Facebook profile by the Tourist Board of Brač comes from the collection "Odyssey of Brač": Landscape Astrophotography / Natural Beauty and Cultural Heritage of the Island of Brač, and the author is Božan Štambuk.

The black pine of the famous Brač bonacai is only 170 centimeters high and estimated to be around 150 to 200 years old. It is a common and common type of pine, and its dwarf growth is a kind of curiosity as a natural bonsai, but it has no significance for nature and its protection. A frequent motif is photographs from Brač as well as pictures on postcards.

The Blaca desert is located in the municipality of Nerežišća

Brac is a really interesting island, and in addition to the amazing story of black pine and Brac bonsai, there is another interesting story of the desert. Many still do not know that there is a desert on Brač. Maybe because Blace Desert you can only get there on foot and not an easy path. It is located on the south side of the island between the popular Boland Milne. And if after this introduction you thought how this desert consists of sand then you are mistaken. Namely, the name Desert comes with the first appearance of Christianity when individuals who lived in complete solitude were called hermits.  Despite the fact that they decided to live in solitude, away from crowded settlements, over time they nevertheless developed communities in which they lived with their like-minded people who lived devoted to prayer and spirituality.

The desert or monastery was founded in the distance 16th century Glagolitic priests from Poljica who fled to the Turks and arrived on Brač. The Blaca Desert can be reached from several directions, but always just on foot. The path that mules and horses have trampled for centuries is still the only connection to the world. You can still reach the museum and monastery in Blace by boat from Boland to Blatačka bay, from where you have a half hour walk to this magnificent building that tells an interesting story from the history of Brač.

Cover photo: Municipality of Nerežišća

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