BRUTALLY good time in Baranja

In beautiful Baranja this year will be from 17. to 19. June for the second time to hold a bicycle race “Baranja rural trail - GROSS”.

The BRUT race is organized by the association Baranja and tourism from Beli Manastir, a cheerful group of cycling enthusiasts in love with Baranja, working on the promotion of cycling, the development of cycling routes and the promotion of Baranja as a cycling tourist destination. BRUT is a bicycle race that rides on unpaved roads, surduci, forests and fields of Baranja in the length of 25 or 50 kilometers, and last year gathered over 100 participants in six categories.

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In addition to the race, this year's program will include a conference “Baranja and tourism” On topic "Interdisciplinary approach to creating a cycling tourism experience in rural areas" as well as an interpretive tourism program Mystic Bus and an entertainment program with concerts of Psihomodo pop and Gustaf.

This year's race organizers have prepared additional surprises - two GROSS races: the original GROSS in Baranja i GROSS Vukovar who organize in collaboration with Vukovar Triathlon Club "Fata is Fata, but 'twice is twice', so they invite everyone interested to hurry up and grab their starting points and get a discount.

Applications for BRUT will be open no later than June 13th with a maximum number of applicants of 180, and for GROSS Vukovar until August 29th with a maximum number of entrants of 110. You can find out more about this year’s race HERE. The race aims to promote the rural beauties of Baranja, its tourist attractions, small family farms and delicious indigenous products. This year, the organizers have prepared a special treat for all those who want to explore Baranja, its stories and hidden gems.

Mystical bus is a tourist interpretive program led by professional actors and heritage interpreters, and includes a tour of Baranja, ambient performances, tastings, tickets and lunch and dinner. As part of the tour, visitors will, not knowing when and how, interact with characters from Baranja history and thus become part of the ambient tourist show. They will have the opportunity to hang out with photographer and passionate huntress Isabella von Habsburg and Archduke Friedrich and find out how they spent their country days and who visited them in the country castle.

He will also support the Austro-Hungarian designer and professor at the Bauhaus school Otti Berger and her brother, but also the dangerous ruler of Zmajevac and Batina Crvena Marta, and they will be able to hear fun and mysterious stories from Baranja. There is also a tour of the abandoned Esterhazy Castle, as well as a picnic in the castle park with a tasting of Esterhazy cake, and a walk along Kopački rit with the staging of the story of the famous Turkish Bridge and Suleiman the Magnificent.

Participation in the Mystic Bus program is possible only with prior notice at email.
Everyone is invited to embark on a mystical offline adventure and enjoy the rich cultural and eno-gastronomic offer, hospitality and warmth of the people of Baranja!

Cover photo: Association of Baranja and tourism

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