Bučijada in Ivanić-Grad with the Toy Festival is an ideal combination for a great weekend near Zagreb

Ivanić Grad is recognizable for its unique health tourism due to the black gold of Moslavina Naftalan, but also for rural tourism and the widely known scarlet and a rich tradition, gastro and eno offer and events of which it is certainly the most visited Buchiada. It is Bučijada that is held after 17th time, and the whole city is already wrapped in orange pumpkins that adorn every corner of this town near Zagreb.

The beginning of October is the right time to visit Ivanić-Grad, and the seventeenth edition of the largest and most visited tourist, economic and gastronomic event in Croatia this year will be held on October 2 and 3, 2021.

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At this year's sale The fair is attended by more than 170 exhibitors from all over Croatia, of which 28 pumpkin seed oil producers, 14 organic farms and about 50 family farms that will offer their pumpkins, pumpkin oil, pumpkin products and other eco-ethno products in the city center in several locations. This year, too, the caterers have prepared creative pumpkin menus in their premises, restaurants and rural estates. In the town square will along pumpkin beer and indigenous wine škrlet be gastro snacks and pumpkins.

Come, taste, feel, see - 17. Bučijada

The grand opening of the 17th Bučijada will be held on October 2 at 11,00 on the stage at V. Nazor Square in Ivanić-Grad, and after the grand opening, at 11,30 will officially open its doors "Educational-presentation center of pumpkin oil “Association of Croatian Pumpkin Oil Producers and the City of Ivanić-Grad, where it will be possible to see how cold-pressed pumpkin oil is pressed.

On Saturday at 12,00, the opening of the 7th Toy Festival in SP Zelenjak and with SB Naftalan was announced, where a rich program was prepared for the youngest, from playrooms, workshops, plays and a toy fair to the First Applause.

City institutions and associations have prepared numerous exhibitions, so in the POU you can see the exhibition "150 years of Ivanić-Grad", in the Museum of Ivanić-Grad "Culture and History of Ivanić-Grad", and with the Fire Department Ivanić-Grad exhibitions of mushrooms and small animal. Several thematic tourist walks were organized, departing from the Visitor Center near the market.

The entertainment part of the program is rich, and it will be especially at the evening concerts of Petar Graša, Đani Stipaničev and Renata Sabljak. KUDs in traditional Moslavina and Posavina costumes will walk around the city, and in the Park of Croatian Veterans, a small Pumpkin Village will be arranged with attractive pumpkin decorations, by which this event is recognizable.

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