Cadillac Ranch: A free attraction along Route 66 that will welcome you in a new guise every time

'Constant change is' are the words that perfectly describe the Cadillac Ranch in Texas along the legendary road Route 66. It is an open-air museum where you can express your creativity on partially buried cars. Take the sprays with you or buy them on the spot.

Cadillac Ranch, Route 66

Ten perfectly lined up Cadillacs in the desert with their front ends dug into the ground will always welcome you in new clothes. One camera crew used them painted white to shoot a commercial.

From time to time they take on a black color to create a 'clean canvas' for new visitors who want to express themselves artistically.


If you happen to stop by again the very next day, chances are your masterpiece will be spray-painted by other enthusiastic visitors. Therefore – take photos!

Cadillac Ranch is a free attraction along Route 66. Add to that easy access, an almost constant flow of visitors, half a century long history and thousands of layers of spray paint, and it's easy to see why the ranch in Amarillo is one of the most famous attractions along the legendary thoroughfare.

Route 66, Route 66

Kitsch and fun

Briefly, the history sounds like this: in order to create this special place, local billionaire Stanley Marsh teamed up in 1974 with the art collective The Ant Farm from San Francisco.

Here there is no parking lot, visitors simply leave their cars on the side of the road. Then they have to walk a part, which after the rain can be quite a muddy event. But that certainly won't spoil your experience.

Route 66, road

The ranch is available to visitors 24 hours a day, 7 days a year, 52 weeks a year. There are no cash registers or queues, no management system: it's a visit free for everyone and everyone is welcome.

If you want to visit it when you are least likely to meet anyone, consider coming at dawn (also for the fantastic light) or at night, for really a unique experience. This is a classic Route 66 roadside attraction – colorful, unmistakable, kitschy and undeniably fun!

Cadillac Ranch, Route 66

Fun facts

Cadillac Ranch is the subject of the song Bruce Springsteen from the album 'The River' from 1980. In it, the word 'ranch' is a metaphor for death - an apt interpretation of the Cadillac graveyard. The vehicles are deliberately placed from east to west. Apparently they are facing the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Each Cadillac is a different model from its production period from 1948. to 1963. year, and originally the installation was set up to show the evolution of the distinctive rear fin.

Cadillac Ranch, Route 66

Buried cars are not in their original place. The ranch was built in 1997. moved a few kilometers west of the original location to make room for Amarillo to grow.

This attraction has also inspired imitators, so today there are two approximately interesting locations in the Amarillo area alone: VW Slug Bug Ranch (small car cemetery) i Combine City (graveyard of agricultural machinery).


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