On the sixth day, Camino Krk leads through vineyards to the Moon Plateau and Baška

Vrbnik is the starting point of the penultimate day of Camina Krk and also the point from which you turn to a completely different part of the island, the rocky one formed by the bora. On the sixth day we experienced all the diversity of the island, started from the cliffs by the sea from the picturesque Vrbnik and continued through the Vrbnik field through endless vineyards that were ready for harvest.

Day 6. Camino Krk / Vrbnik - Baška. In a conversation with Sanja Polonija, director of TZO Vrbnik, we learn more about the Camino Krk trail that passes through Vrbnik as well as the tourist offer of the town of Žlahtina, an autochthonous variety of wine.

It publishes Tourist stories on Tuesday, September 14, 2021

I admit we tasted a few grapes in passing and it is fantastic that it is no wonder that we met winemakers who announced the harvest just for tomorrow, we obviously tried at the last minute and a day later there would be no grapes.

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A great refreshment on the way is to pass through the vineyard and sweeten with delicious ripe grapes, the same we experienced at the Camino in Spain when the route leads through the wine-famous province of La Rioja. Probably No vino No Camino comes because of this part of the road, and it is similar on Krk, which is widely known for its famous Žlahtina, but also other indigenous varieties.

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It publishes Tourist stories on Tuesday, September 14, 2021

But let's go back to the route, which is 23,3 kilometers long on the sixth day according to the plan and the Camino Krk map, and this day was the warmest for us, which was especially felt on the Moon Plateau.

On this interesting route that leads from Vrbnik in the direction of the well-known tourist destination of Baška, the Vrbničko polje is first intersected, whose plots have been a real wine gem for more than a hundred years. Further hiking leads to the source of the Vela Rika, which along the nearby climbing Portafortuna testify to the fact that the entire area of ​​the Municipality of Baška, which is now entered, is extremely suitable for various outdoor activities.

This is evidenced by a longer walk through the impressive landscape interspersed with dry stone walls - boulders that lead to the so-called. The plateau of the moon. It is the most famous and most unusual location in the Baška area, which, given the barren landscape without any shade, resembles a rocky desert or the surface of the moon. North of the Moon Plateau, from Cape Glavine to Mala Luka Bay, stretches the Kuntrep Ornithological Reserve - the oldest ornithological reserve in the world - whose greatest value is the griffon vultures. We saw them fly over us and I have to admit I felt like prey fried by the sun and served on a platter.

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The plateau of the Moon is connected to Baška by the promenade Put ka Mjesecu, which will again protect pilgrims with its greenery, and which in its first stage leads to the church of Sv. John the Baptist, otherwise the patron saint of the Parish and the Municipality of Baška. The road to the Moon, in its continuation, downhill, leads to the center of the settlement, which reveals three more valuable sacral buildings: the parish church of the Holy Trinity, the church of St. Anthony of Padua and the chapel of St. A stamp below which are the remains of a monumental early Christian basilica and baptistery.

Since the Glagolitic alphabet is a symbol of the Baška region, one of the more recent monuments that should not be missed is the Baška Glagolitic Trail, which consists of 34 stone sculptures of carved letters of the Glagolitic alphabet placed in important locations throughout Baška, Jurandvor, Batomlje and Draga Bašćanska.

Summary Day 6. Vrbnik - Baška #caminokrk #caminokrkstory #caminocroatia #caminohrvatska #VisitVrbnik #VisitBaska

It publishes Tourist stories on Tuesday, September 14, 2021

The sixth day was over, I was exhausted this day while the others said this day was the best for them. Before us is the last day of the journey, the seventh, which will take us to our destination - the Church of St. James, where the Camino Krk ends.

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