Camino Krk day two: what does Camino provide, who are Camino junkies and what does Camino call it?

Camino Krk, the team of the Tourist Stories portal, walked from 9 to 16 September and we explored the whole way and checked what the Croatian Camino looks like on the island of Krk.

Our hosts were the tourist boards of the island of Krk who are jointly active in the promotion of this interesting pilgrimage route over 150 kilometers by which you practically tour the whole island. September is ideal for this route because it is no longer as crowded as during the peak season, and the sea is still warm and swimming gives you refreshment, which is a rarity on other popular Camino routes.

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We recorded a short video on the second day and the second day we answered the question: Why do you have to walk the Camino Krk.

Camino Krk. Video that says what our Camino is like… #caminokrk #caminokrkstory #VisitKrkCity

Posted by Tourist stories on Friday, September 10, 2021

To make it easier for future pilgrims to plan their trip, we bring you stories about each day. We described our first day at LINK. Today we will present you the second day of the trip according to the route plan recommended by the tourist boards that have created and an interactive map where you will find all the information.

You can also get a ticket at the Tourist Board of the City of Krk, ie the Tourist Information Center (TIC) at the address JJ Strossmayera 9, which is the starting point of the Camino adventure on Krk, where you also get pilgrimage passports and the first stamp. Speaking of seals, I must admit that they are extremely interesting and all have foundations in the cultural and sacral heritage of this island, which you will get to know best only when you cross it, I guarantee you that. We have personally been to Krk countless times, but only now can I say that I know the soul of Krk, Bodula and every stone and bay. Camino Krk tells a wonderful story, both spiritual and tourist pilgrimage, and this is a good foundation for the development of religious tourism in Lijepa naša.

Our host, after Ned Pinezić, a well-known and recognized Croatian tourist expert who opened the doors of his home in Skrpčići, was Daniela Drčec, an entrepreneur who left the world of corporations and found her peace and satisfaction in Porto on Krk, where in her apartments welcomes guests, but in addition to tourism, this diligent mother and wife also produces top-quality flavored salts and jams from organically produced ingredients. Wild herbs and edible flowers are in her little finger, and the snacks she prepared for us are hard to taste anywhere. We have already written about her HERE in a tourist story with taste.

An interesting story is the women entrepreneurs of Krka who together from their products created one of the best souvenirs of our coast, the famous Krk box which originally tells the story of an island that smells of immortelle, lavender, sea, motar and sage as well as their products. Find out more about the Krk box HERE and discover the most original tourist souvenir story.

Daniela Drčec was our host for 8 days and opened the doors of Apartments Porat for us pilgrims. She is also the entrepreneur behind the aDORAble brand and the Krk Box project

Posted by Tourist stories on Thursday, September 16, 2021

Now that it is clear that we had extremely good hosts, it is clear to you that our trip was not demanding when it comes to accommodation and advice from local people and experts from tourist offices. If you ask me for advice as it is difficult for tourist places to find accommodation for one night and move from day to day according to the route, I would recommend that you stay in a maximum of two accommodations and arrange transportation on routes from which you start and end with the hosts. they are happy to help. There are also taxi services at particularly reasonable prices for those walking the Camino. A lot of things are made easier by the fact that you don’t move every day, then you won’t have to carry so many things on your back because you’ll be able to leave most in your accommodation.

The Brzac Malinska route is 22,9 kilometers long and passes through numerous settlements

The second day the route starts from Brzaca in front of the church and here we had an immediately interesting experience. Namely, a nice local offered us his figs for the trip as well as water and offered us to rest with him. We have accepted figs whose path is crowded as well as wild blackberries so the fruit gives strength during the walk and don’t miss to taste it. An interesting local knows well what the Camino is, and he is also planning a Camino Frances with a friend who has already walked it eight times and knew exactly what we need. I believe that more and more locals will accept the pilgrims and that this experience of ours that really touched us will be the rule, not the exception. This is what “Camino junkies” or “Camino addicts”, as almost a million people who walk regular Camino routes call themselves, are used to experiencing from the locals on the well-trodden Camino trails in Spain and Portugal.

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The Krk trail has just been born and therefore I can't blame it at all, I just hope that this project will come to life in the hearts of the local population and that the tourist workers who "push" this story will find the support of the entire local community. be open on Camino routes. First of all, the Camino will always be a pilgrimage, not a hiking route, and therefore it passes by every sacral object of the place you walk.

Day two Camino Krk route Brzac - Malinska #visitmalinska #caminokrk #caminokrkstory #VisitKrkCity

Posted by Tourist stories on Friday, September 10, 2021

The Camino calls you, it is the path that gives you everything you need - every pilgrim will tell you

This is the essence of the Camin and the way of St. James that accompanies the pilgrims all the way. There is a well-known expression on Camin that says “Camino provides” - The Camino gives you everything you need. It is really so and when you walk only then will you know what I am writing about now. Like the fact that the Camino takes you in a way "Calling". Every traveler who follows the paths of St. James will tell you how he thought about Camin for years and how he had to come. That desire for a dusty road that is not easy at all does not let you go, but it does not give you peace until you cross it. There are so many stories and testimonies about the way of St. James that it makes no sense for me to tell you now, the one who is interested will find it.

And so Camino Krk called us from the first moment we heard about it and when the Tourist Board of the City of Krk started marking the trail in cooperation with the fraternity of St. James with a license of the original Camino leading to St. Jacob's Cathedral in Santiago. Camino Krk of course leads to the church of St. James in Kornić near Punat.

On the second day, the pilgrimage, along a 22,9-kilometer route, continues from the settlement of Brzac to Glavotok, which still belongs to Šotovento, and later started exploring Dubašnica. Passing through several typical island settlements, this part of the route ends in Malinska, otherwise the center of the Municipality of Malinska-Dubašnica.

Daniel Manzoni Visit Malinska - Krk island is our host today. Tonight our Camino ends in second route Brzac Malinska long22.9 km #caminokrk #caminokrkstory #visitkrkcity

Posted by Tourist stories on Thursday, September 9, 2021

Leaving the settlement of Brzac, the pilgrimage starts in the direction of Glavotok, a small town that was first mentioned as a summer house with the chapel of the princes of Krk Frankopan. This chapel was handed over to the Franciscans during the 15th century, after which a monastery was founded and a church built shortly afterwards. The dense forests around Glavotok, then, lead to the real pearl of the island's Romanesque architecture - the church of St. Krševana located above the bay Čavlena, while the next section is the largest and oldest island oak.

Walking partly along the coast and partly through the forest, you reach the lookout point in the Fumak area, followed by Porat, a settlement that developed around the Franciscan monastery, whose complex now houses a museum which, along with the olive oil mill, preserves the collection. church works of art and archeological exhibits from the wider area. In Porto we stopped for another swim on the great beach in the village and then ate fish specialties on the waterfront. It was only after lunch that we set off on the road to Malinska on a completely unexpected road that will reveal the Malinska hinterland, which tourists unfortunately rarely see. I recommend everyone to go this route even if you do not walk the Camino because Malinska is not just a waterfront.

In passing Dubašnica, the old cemetery of St. Apolinar with an impressive stone bell tower with a square floor plan, with the continuation of the pilgrimage leading through several smaller settlements, from Sv. Anton, through Milovčić, all the way to Kremenić where you can see the chapel of St. Andrew, otherwise the oldest preserved chapel in the area.

The second chapter of the Camino story closes with Malinski, one of the most famous tourist destinations in Krk, where there is no shortage of restaurants and entertainment. Be sure to stop here and relax a bit with a great offer of caterers and numerous facilities where everyone will truly find something for themselves. We were lucky and ended up in Malinska on the day of the Homo sail regatta and we had the opportunity to enjoy a great event at the end of a wonderful second day.

Detailed description of the route and map can be found at LINK.

The second day of Camino Krk is over. A brief summary of the first two days. #caminokrk #caminokrkstory #VisitKrkCity

Posted by Tourist stories on Friday, September 10, 2021
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