Bakar welcomed the first picnickers in the new season

After the city of Bakar was a wonderful discovery for many last year, with the first signs of spring, the city was visited by the first guests this year. Tourists from Slovenia they arrived in the city of rich cultural and historical heritage on a trip. Thanks to the cooperation of the Tourist Board of the City of Bakar with the Travel Tilago agency from Dugi otok, about 600 guests from the neighboring country will visit Bakar in March.

These are tourists who are located in Kvarner, and Copper and Bakar Presidium they chose for a day trip. We all know that the first impression is the most important, so with the beautiful weather, the first guests of this year with music were welcomed by the City Guard of Bakar and the gentlemen of Bakar.

The guests also enjoyed the tasting three delicacies of the Bakar region: fine copper cake, copper baskets and Old copper water. And in order not to leave "empty-handed", local craftsmen took care of them by offering them various souvenirs: handicrafts from the Bakar Gallery, Old Bakar water from PZ Dolčina and delicious honey from OPG Bertone.

After the welcome and tasting of the group accompanied by a guide visited the Upper Town: Turkish House, Diocese, Church of St. Andrije ap. and catacombs, the Frankopan castle, the Roman house, the church of St. Cross and the house of Andrija Mohorovičić, surprised by the rich cultural and historical heritage of this coastal town.

Interesting stories await you in Bakar

Let us remind you that already last year, which was marked by the coronavirus pandemic, Bakar achieved tourist results in August, which exceeded the record 2 by 2019%. At the same time they grew up and new projects.

A new gastro brochure has been published “Copper delicacies”, where you can discover three specialties of the gastronomic heritage of the Bakar region. You can also learn interesting stories about Bakar's Baška, old Bakar's water and Bakar's cake.

A modern promotional poster with a vivid slogan was also designed “Bakar - tiny pearl of great stories”. Since last year, you can enjoy the beauties of Bakar from your own home along the way interactive virtual walks.

But the most famous story of Bakar's past is that of Fr. Ivan Čop, poor and blind copper aquifer. He owed his city more than anyone else, and the inhabitants of Bakar have not yet repaid it.

Photographs: Bakar Tourist Board


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