Dalmatian wine icons - the best wines of Dalmatia in one place

For the first time, the festival "Wine of Dalmatia" received an autumn edition, this time called "Dalmatian wine icons", which is in the restaurant Campus in Split began with a series of hole-filled wine workshops attended by renowned wine experts, distributors, caterers and wine producers.

As the spring edition of the fair is primarily intended to prepare the tourist season and present the entire portfolio of wines and other products of members of the association, with emphasis on novelties from the previous harvest that see the market for the first time, this fall has a completely different purpose. It's turned the upcoming gift season and the most important family holidays, as well as numerous other special occasions marking the end of the year.

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For this purpose, the winemakers of Dalmatia through this event showed the best of their wineries, the so-called feathers of the cellar. These are wines that can mature for a long time and be stored for many years. Then, these are wines that are in various competitions and according to many eminent critics won the highest marks and are marked as wines worthy of preservation and private collections.

The year 2021 will remain recorded as the year of reversal, the year in which they are dry Dalmatian wines won several of the brightest, gold and platinum medals, from any other wine region of Central and Eastern Europe on the highest international rating Decanter World Wine Awards. Some of these award-winning wines, as well as many others, equally good, could be tasted at this exclusive one-day event.

Each of winemaker exhibitors singled out from his portfolio only two labels on which he is particularly special. Winemakers presented and distributed wines to visitors in person, which raised the importance of the whole event. In this way, the concentration of the highest quality that Dalmatia possesses and quality information about wine first hand, provided those interested with an unusual experience and insight into many legendary wines of the currently most successful wine region of this part of Europe.

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