Do you know what happiness tastes like?

From small snacks to concrete bites, from spicy dishes to the finest desserts, when it comes to food, Srijem and Slavonia are unsurpassed.

Photo: Zvonimir Tanocki

For starters tiny snacks, finger food in the Slavonian way, even tastier if they are from the black Slavonian pig. Gnats, kulen, kulen cutlet, švargl, sausage, bacon, drizzled cheese, ajvar..., then a hearty soup, just taken off the heat, still smoking, followed by sarma or baking, then delicious cookies of all colors and sizes.

///Srijem and Slavonia a paradise for gourmets

First of all, brandy, and with every dish a selected wine from the Srijemski Vinogorje... A completely ordinary day Srijem and Slavonia it will look like a real feast to you, so if you are a gourmet be sure to stop by. The invitation is valid indefinitely.

Photo: Vukovar-Srijem County Tourist Board

///Traditional gastronomy: We can't decide which Slavonian dish is tastier

Michelin confirmed

It’s not that it won’t make your cheeks glow and warm your stomach. It has everything you need - a harmony of flavors: it is moderately salty, moderately thick and moderately spicy, noodles melt in your mouth, red ground pepper does not cover the fine taste of fish, sommelier's dictionary, feels long on the aftertaste… It only lacks fish bones. That is why it was given an unpretentious and simple name - boneless fish.

boneless fish
Photo: Archive Hotel Dunav Ilok

This innovative version of one of the most popular dishes east of Zagreb was designed many years ago at the Dunav Hotel in Ilok and has since become their trademark. This hotel, otherwise a real avant-garde in the traditional Slavonian, Srijem and Baranja cuisine, is not only known for its innovative fish, but it was also the first in this part of the country to receive a Michelin recommendation. Totally deserved, everyone who has eaten there at least once knows. Super price, top quality, everything is fine and fresh, and for a sweet finish, our recommendation is šnenokli. It may seem too simple to you, but that’s exactly where the charm lies. A real explosion of flavors in such a traditional and everyday dish, you will want to immediately ask for a recipe from the head chef. Okay, not right away… When you eat.

Danube wine
Photo: Siniša Uštulica, source: CNTB

Wine stories of Srijem

Fine dishes are accompanied by good wines, and those from Iloka, centers Srijem vineyards, seduced the most demanding palates for centuries and were drunk in European courts since the princely family Odescalchi filled them in special packages in the Old Cellars 200 years before Bordeaux and Burgundy, thus protecting them from merchants and resellers who often mixed it with inferior quality.

///Four stories from the Danube Kingdom of Wine and Antiquities

True connoisseurs and wine lovers in Ilok will enjoy the fragrant Traminers, and there is still talk of that of the Ilok cellars that was drunk at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. The grapes for the top Traminers of this most awarded Croatian winery are grown on Principovac, a famous wine-growing position and the country estate of the Odescalchi family, where his first vine was planted in 1710. Since then, this royal variety has not ceased to intrigue the wine world.

///Ladanjsko imanja Principovac is a true paradise for all hedonists: winemaking here is more than just a profession

hotel danav ilok
Photo: Siniša Uštulica, source: CNTB

In Ilok you have to walk his a beautiful historical core, visit the church of St. Ivana Kapistrana, the Museum of the City of Ilok in the Odescalchi Castle, the Old Cellars from the 15th and 18th centuries and, with prior notice, at least two or three more wineries, about twenty of them on the Ilok Wine Road.

Urban, and so Slavonian

A homely, positive atmosphere, which can only be offered in Slavonia, and a modern, refined interior, characteristic of fine dining restaurants in the world's major metropolises, is how Vinkovac could be described at first. restaurant Lu. Hot burger, homemade smoked sausage, pork fillet, glazed pork ribs, chicken fillet in almond crust, French rack of lamb, beefsteak, rumpsteak, perch fillet..., you will enjoy the interpretation of traditional Slavonian cuisine, especially if you follow modern trends and above all appreciate quality foods, and they are famous for them in this part of Croatia.

///Srijem and Slavonia - a magical plain

restaurant lu vinkovci
Photo: Vukovar-Srijem County Tourist Board

As there are more and more modern restaurants and pubs, Srijem and Slavonia will wish you a warm welcome and in traditional, proven good restaurants where dishes are simmered, long and slow, with a lot of heart and a few secret ingredients, just like daughters-in-law used to do.

Sugar on the end

sotin gondola
Photo: Vukovar-Srijem County Tourist Board

Finally, we take you to Sotin to one such place, a popular one Gondola, restaurant and picnic area. It is cooked there according to traditional, carefully selected recipes. You will enjoy fragrant Slavonian sausages, famous shepherd's pie or delicious Šokac steaks with špecli…, and greasy bread and the finest saltines with homemade jam owned by Aunt Luca look so good and entice with aromas that even the strongest characters will not resist. And only when you bite the first bite… Such is the taste of happiness.

///Rural oases of Srijem and Slavonia

Photo: Archive Hotel Dunav Ilok

Cover photo: Sanja Mijac


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