Every gourmet who cares about himself must visit Međimurje

The gastronomy of Međimurje developed in accordance with the nature and way of life in which it found itself. Working in the field and in nature required a lot of energy, and that meant more calories. Strong food with lots of cream, plenty of cured meats and the inevitable potatoes and beans are the foundations of Međimurje cuisine to which various layers are built, just like those in the Međimurje gibanica.

The specifics are certainly bacon or lard, the main ingredient of the unique and unrepeatable meat 'z tiblice. Cheese with sour cream or turoš cheese goes best with meat from the tiblica. Soup dishes they are also characteristic of Međimurje. Beaten soup is a thick soup whose base of sour cream, flour and milk is filled with various specialties, and traditionally smoked pork. Seasonal salad with plenty of fresh vegetables is seasoned pumpkin oil, in Međimurje also known as bone oil.

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In the restaurants of Međimurje today you can try autochthonous Međimurje dishes blended into the modern rules of cuisine. The wide range of offers satisfies even the most demanding guest. Homemade groceries, preparation of food with heart, tradition as the main spice and the experience of chefs give each dish in any of these restaurants a special charm.

Top gastronomic specialties in Terme Sveti Martin

A dessert that must be mentioned and that authentically represents this region is Međimurje gibanica. The layers and flavors that complement each other perfectly in the gibanica tell a juicy story about Međimurje. Multi-layered, richly stuffed, caloric, this delicacy is prepared with puff pastry crusts, fresh cow’s cheese, grated apples, ground walnuts and poppies with toppings like raisins and cinnamon.

However, in order to adapt to modern times and trends, restaurants in this area have found a way to combine tradition, modern cuisine, their ideas and health. One such restaurant is the healthy dining restaurant Le Batat in Terme Sveti Martin. Le Batat is a place where the flavors of tradition merge with the modern flavors of innovative culinary ideas. Guests are offered exclusively healthy dishes prepared from local ingredients, and it is a combination of local and healthy recipe for the best experience. There are dishes that are excellent, but there are always dishes that are even better. That's right The sweet potato a place where excellent gastronomic experts want to present the “better”.

The restaurant offers sweet potato dishes - as yet unexplored food on the Croatian culinary scene. If we were to list one food rich in vitamins and high energy potential, which is also excellent for human health, sweet potatoes would certainly be at the very top of the list. Looking similar to potatoes or beets, this slightly floury tuber is characterized by a sweet taste that makes each dish especially delicious. The peculiarity of this restaurant is that they present all their dishes in a healthy way. That is how the classic Međimurje gibanica got its healthier version here, which is adored by all guests.

With a healthy dining restaurant, in Terme Sveti Martin one can also find the real authentic Horseshoe Pub, which offers dishes prepared from 100% homemade Croatian Black Angus juntina, such as burgers or pizzas with homemade ingredients, and also offers vegetarian dishes with the most delicious, fresh and healthy local ingredients. A special experience in the Horseshoe Pub is the tasting of St. Martin's beer, created by Terme Sveti Martin together with the brewery Lepi dečki brewery from Međimurje.

Međimurje wine story

Growing vines, production and care of wine in this area have been known since ancient times. Significant development of viticulture is recognized in the early 1990s. Its bearers are mostly family farms that send wines of exceptional quality and recognizable continental notes from their wine cellars to Croatia and the world. In production since white varieties they point out recommended varieties such as Graševina, Rhine Riesling, Moslavina, Chardonnay, Sauvignon White, Traminer and Muscat Yellow. From red wines that will stay in your memory are pinot noir and cabernet sauvignon. The autochthonous Međimurje wine variety Pušipel wins with its color, aroma and taste. It is produced from the white wine grape variety Moslavac. Međimurje winemakers proudly pack it in special bottles, and when visiting one of the wineries, be sure to try it!

Every year in May, winemakers in Međimurje present the fruits of their work, and visitors taste, evaluate and enjoy various presentations, workshops and entertainment gatherings during the now world-famous event Urbanovo. Along with this event, it is important to mention the Wine Road, designed with the purpose of approaching Međimurje wines, which includes a road longer than 30 kilometers where you can taste top wines in about thirty tasting rooms, some of which are winners prestigious Decanter wine awards.

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In the heart of upper Međimurje, exactly 30 years ago, a story began that provides new experiences to every wine lover, tourist, nature lover. That's the story of the Hažić family, where you can enjoy the extraordinary flavors of wine, homemade juices and the juiciest apples. And not far from the wine house Hažić, and near Terme Sveti Martin, there is a restaurant, which won the award for the most beautiful view from the terrace on the continental part of Croatia, restaurant Terbotz. Located at the very top of the hill and surrounded by vines, under the restaurant hides one of the most beautiful wine cellars Jakopić winery.

In the end, we can say that he will come to Međimurje everyone find something for themselves, from the youngest guests to the slightly older ones, and everyone will want to come back.

Cover photo: Međimurje County Tourist Board

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