A week on Hvar: Exotic places to see

It is clear that you will immediately visit the bays and beaches on Hvar that are adorned with crystal clear sea around this sunniest island of ours, which we have written about here, but what else should you see if you are on Hvar for a week?

Once you find yourself on Hvar Square, you will definitely want to visit the Hvar Theater with the Arsenal, which has its unavoidable place in the history of theater in general, since it was founded in 1612, the first civic theater in Europe. Today, the Hvar theater is open to the public. In the same space is the Gallery of Contemporary Art, which hosts exhibitions of paintings, sculptures, models of ships and the like.

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But an unforgettable view of the square, the port of Hvar, the Pakleni islands, the islet of GalešnikbolIt will be provided by the Hvar fortress called Fortica, built at the beginning of the 16th century.

In the town of Hvar there are famous buildings such as the Franciscan monastery and museum where the church collection contains: paintings of old masters, sculptures, liturgical objects and equipment, church clothes, numismatic collection, rare books and manuscripts, and a valuable library.

In the Franciscan monastery there is the most famous painting of the old masters on the island: "The Last Supper" by Mate Ponzoni Pončun and in the monastery garden there is a unique century-old cypress. In addition to the Franciscan monastery, the Benedictine monastery and museum will attract your attention because Hvar lace is on the UNESCO list of intangible heritage.

From Hvar's square you can reach the fairytale summer house of Hanibal Lucić, a monument of country architecture from the Renaissance period, in which events of entertainment and cultural content are held in summer, in just a few minutes. The mansion houses the seat of the Museum, the library, the Salon of Hanibal Lucić and the Natural History Cabinet “Dr. Grgur Bučić ”.

Summer and Hvar are two words that always go hand in hand. We like to say that Hvar is the sunniest Croatian island with 2700 hours of sunshine a year, but it is also the sunniest island in Europe. One of the natural features is the purple lavender fields that bloom in summer.

Lavender fields are mostly spread in Veli Grablje, a small abandoned village. The old road through the surroundings of the magical ethno-eco village "Malo - Velo Grablje" is perfect for hiking and walking while the landscape leaves you breathless.

Choose between fashionable beaches, pebble beaches carved by the sea or the wild beauty of the rocks hidden under the pine branches. Pakleni islands and their bays invite you to visit as soon as you pass them by catamaran to the port of Hvar.

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Swimming, diving in the crystal clear sea and other activities will rest your soul and body on the islands. You can visit the Pakleni islands by boat from Mandrač or embark on a kayak adventure.

Apart from the bays of the Pakleni islands and other picnic areas, many can be found near the town beaches and places to bathe.

For all those for whom enjoying life is equal to enjoying nature, the island of Hvar is an ideal place for an exciting adventure. Arranged bike paths will reveal the timeless beauty of nature, and professional bike guides have compiled a list of the bestbolthem cycling trail located on the official website of the Tourist Board of the town of Hvar.

Certainly one of the series of very exciting trails is the one that leads to the highest peak of Hvar - St. Nikola, below which is a once inhabited cave. In this cave the Augustinians built a monastery and a small church in the 15th century and the church has been preserved in its entirety. In front of the church, visitors are offered a magnificent view of Holy Sunday, the island of Korcula and the open sea.

The uniqueness of the experience is encouraged by traditional restaurants offering Hvar specialties, so the magic of taste not only stays on the palate but is remembered.

Cover photo: Panoramic view of the Pakleni islands, Hvar Tourist Board

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