“Family - the foundation of survival…” - anniversary of the event that connects pilgrimage, culture, tourism

The month of May is one of the most significant in the history of Croats, both religious and recognized Our Lady's Moon as well as national ones when we celebrate a large number of anniversaries, including cultural ones. From the first day when Labor Day is celebrated with Josip Radnik, who, along with the Protector of the Fathers, we often invite to entrepreneurial ventures and projects, to Mother's Day, until May 30, when we will celebrate the Day of All-Croatian Statehood.

This month, a group of enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, artists and tourism professionals will celebrate the 28th anniversary of the cultural tourism event. "FAMILY - THE FOUNDATION OF THE SURVIVAL OF THE CROATIAN PEOPLE" which we organized during the 1994 war on May 15, which was declared Family Day by the United Nations.

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Special emphasis and place is simbolicno connected with the charismatic and holy John Paul II. for it is held in the square with his name in remembrance of the letter sent to him in bolnicu where he was recovering is a special answer in a letter that soon followed in July, two months before his first visit in September when he visited Zagreb and thus honored and supported all Croats who were still at war in Croatia and BiH! ).

The day, which is proudly remembered by all participants, such as music and visual artists, cultural workers and entrepreneurs, as well as priests led by the then Provincial, Fr. Tomislav Pervan. The event was honored and gladly attended by the then champion of the Osijek Opera Ferdinand Zovko, the local klapa Hrvoje and Croatian Music from Mostar with a century-old tradition as well as the Mandolin Orchestra from Imotski.

Worth mentioning are the late musician from Ljubuški Martin Boras and academic painter Franjo Primorac as well as all the enthusiasts who helped organize or with their arrival magnified this, for that war time, unusual and very valuable for domicile Croats event.

As the messages and the vision we need to follow are still relevant today, we decided to celebrate it in the newly opened gallery-museum. OUR MOTHER with an emphasis on culture as the bestbolher link for the promotion of the tourist potential of Medjugorje and the whole of Brotnje in the municipality of Čitluk, which this month celebrates the anniversary of the first mention and whose trace was found in the Dubrovnik archives. And this fact confirms the great trade and cultural connection with the then famous Republic, which can be used in tourism marketing because it connects Dubrovnik and Medjugorje, the most globally famous tourist destination in Croatia.

That is why connecting tourism and agro entrepreneurs, cultural and public workers, with an always desirable and spiritual dimension that includes Croats on both sides of the border, is a winning combination for all sustainable development and the mostbolji foundation of the survival of the Croatian people.

Your blogger is also proud to point out his contribution to the event "FAMILY - THE FOUNDATION OF THE SURVIVAL OF THE CROATIAN PEOPLE" in the last century and this one, which we will celebrate in various ways throughout May. the last four decades!

Photos: Marinko Brkić

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