Fantastic sights that you will see if you go exploring the vantage points of the continent

When you go on a hike or hike, during your walk you will encounter many fantastic sights that will warm your heart and bring a smile to your face, but one of the greatest rewards comes in the form of a look that shoots at the surroundings, when you reach the top and finish of your destination.

We wrote earlier about the most beautiful vantage points on the coast, and now we are also exploring those on the continent, of which there are quite a few, and we point out that, no matter where you are in Croatia, you will easily find a panoramic view that you will enjoy, and photography lovers will come to their own devices. inspiration that these scenes will provide them. Here's where you'll find them.

Bansko brdo Baranja 

Only half an hour's drive from Osijek are hundreds of hectares of vineyards and forests, fields of corn, grain and oilseed rape. They are all attractive elements of the landscape of Bansko hill about 200 meters high. Bansko brdo in Baranja is generally known as a wine-growing region, but few people know what the locals call it Planina. More and more people perceive it as a great place to walk because of the fantastic views and unique surduks.

From the ridge of Bansko brdo, for good visibility, there is a view towards Hungary, Sombor in Vojvodina, Osijek and Erdut. The highest geodetic point of Banski brdo is peak Kamenjak with a height of 243 meters

Viewpoints on Ivančica

Climb to the top of the highest mountain in northern Croatia - Ivančica and at 1060 meters above sea level, enjoy the wide view from one of the viewpoints (Stričevo or Piramida). Ivanščica/ Ivančica is a favorite destination of many mountaineers and nature lovers who visit its beautiful covered clearings flower meadows. With its rich relief, the shadows of dense forests and numerous trails, it is perfect for hiking.

360° viewpoint

We continue our adventure of visiting viewpoints through the forest to the village Markovac in which there is a resting place with 360 ° lookout. In addition to cyclists, hikers and all other recreationists can find a vacation here. The lookout offers a view of the nearby Moslavačka gora as well the highest peak of Slavonia - "Brezovo polje" at 985 meters above sea level.

In nice weather the view reaches as far as Medvednica, and from this point you can see, of course, the higher slopes of western Papuk overgrown with dense forest. Speaking of the woods, more than 96% of the area of ​​Papuk it is covered with forest vegetation. As many as 13 types of forest communities have been recorded due to different relief, geological structure and climatic influences. Up to 350 meters above sea level, the most abundant forests are oak and hornbeam. Above these heights stretches a belt of beech forests, in the vastness of which we will "swim" during the trip.

Viewpoint Petrov vrh

When we are already near Papuk, we continue with the proposal to Petrov vrh, which is located in Krdnija, at an altitude of 700 meters. From the lookout point on Petrovo vrh, there is a magnificent view of the Pannonian plain, and in clear weather you can see all the way to Pécs.

How to find it? Petrov vrh can be accessed from all four sides. There are three marked and one unmarked road. If you want to take the easiest and shortest route, take the one that leads directly from the Orahovica - Kutjevo road pass. This climb will take you about 15 minutes.


879 meters above sea level, Japetić is the highest peak of Samoborska Gora and a favorite picnic spot. On one of the paths, not far from the top, there is a viewpoint built in 1889, when Eiffel Tower. No wonder it is under the protection of the Ministry of Culture. The iron pyramid-observatory is 12 meters high, and until 1960 it was on top of Medvednica.

It offers an unforgettable view of the nearby peaks of Sljeme, Oštrc, Okić, Klek, Plešivica, Sv, Gera, and Bjelolasica, Risnjak, and in clear weather even towards the Alps. A little above the Pyramid, at the top of a steep meadow is the popular one mountain lodge Zitnica, whose terrace also offers a beautiful, open view.


Plesivica is, at 779 meters, the second peak of the Samobor Mountains, in the area best known for its winemaking. There are several paths for hikers to climb, and a five-meter-high iron pyramid awaits at the top. The first such viewpoint it was set back in 1881., but it perished, as did several later versions. Today's edition has been around since 1957, and offers an inspiring view of the tame villages and vineyards. It is also possible to meet paragliders, whose favorite airport is Plešivica. Plesivica is a paradise for wine lovers, a Plešivička wine road one of the most popular in Lijepa naša.

Researching viewpoints in Gorski kotar

Life in the rhythm of nature and with it is also an opportunity for active vacation or simply enjoying the relaxing ambience. Gorski kotar has something to offer in every season.

When we combine fresh air, swimming in crystal clear waters and excellent gastronomy, we get an ideal summer destination away from the crowds and summer heat. Gorski kotar is located close to the coast, so this area is increasingly attractive to tourists who like to stay in the green heart of Croatia during the summer.

In winter, however, it delights with the scenes when it is covered by a blanket of snow and the viewpoints take on a completely new dimension. Whatever time you choose to go, Gorski Kotar will welcome you to honor with all his blessings, and if you're looking for the most beautiful views, here's where you'll find them.


Delnice is the central and largest settlement of the entire Gorski Kotar. They are located on the Delnički polje and are surrounded by the peaks of Drgomalj, Petehovac and Japlenški vrh. With an altitude of 730 meters, they are the highest city in Croatia.

Just now with Petehovac (Štimčev Vrh 1024 meters) najbolcan see Delnice, and this location is a "must see" for all visitors and tourists of Gorski kotar. Also, at the top there is a Mountaineering Center of the same name with a ski slope and ski lift, as well as an accommodation and catering facility.

The area of ​​Petehovac is because of its exceptional beauty 1963. The protected and declared a significant landscape.

Google locations of viewpoints in Gorski kotar

Below we bring you a list of places with Google maps location markers that you can reach by car and with very little walking.


Boat Moravice


Read the entire list IN THE ARTICLE.

Madjerking Hill - a new tourist attraction in Međimurje

And as "sugar at the end" we single out this newly built viewpoint, which is already becoming a real tourist attraction.

At 341 meters above sea level, only three and a half meters lower than the highest point of Međimurje Mohokos, it is located Madjerkin breg which offers one of the most beautiful views in continental Croatia, and thanks to the CycleSeeing Attractour - CSA project, Međimurje got a viewpoint and new tourist content, which we recently wrote about HERE.

Mađerkin breg is a hill above Štrigova towards the border with Slovenia, at 341 meters above sea level, only three meters lower than the highest point of Međimurje. Advantage Magjerkino brega is that from it you can see as many as four countries, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria and Slovakia, and in good weather you can also see Sljeme.

The idea of ​​a viewpoint on Mađerka hill, it arose from the choice of the location that is the bestbolji possible way can present natural beauties of upper Međimurje and its geographical position. The plan also includes a zip-line from Mađerka breg to Robadje, as well as the "continental sea organ", i.e. the Gorica pipe that will be played by the wind on the top of Mađerka breg from the viewpoint that has already been named Eiffel Tower Međimurje.

Cover photo: Japetić/ TZ Zagreb County


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